Proof Of God Within and Beyond Science

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Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 3 edition (November 15, 2011)
Author Name:De Silva, Charles


While extending a strong challenge to the superstition of atheism, the principal aim of this book is to demonstrate the fact that the major scientific discoveries that have been made so far, clearly and distinctively demonstrate the existence of an intelligent and omnipotent Designer who has thoughtfully and intentionally instituted all universal laws with stark precision and accuracy. 
In this discussion I have also emphasized the incapability of science to stand alone as a final deciding instrument on matters that extend beyond the natural realm.
Hence no proof of a Divine Existence can be established by reference to science alone, but through logical reasoning based on obvious and explicit facts.
I have also highlighted the reality that most scientific phenomena cannot be explained without recourse to the role of a Supernatural Power.
In this book I have put forward a chain of very rational arguments most of which originated in my mind at various occasions and hence would be new and interesting to the reader who would be led towards the definite conclusion that this universe could not have been the outcome of an accident or random chance, but the result of an intentional plan of a Supernatural Power.
A unique feature of this book is that all the arguments presented by me here are determined upon logical conclusions based on common sense and scientifically established facts and not on sheer imaginary hypothesis.
On my contemplative reasoning I am also presenting a proposition which I have named as 'The Theory of Irresistible Cessation of Matter and The Irreversible Nature of Life' as proof of the existence of a precise Divine plan.


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  •     I believe in god, but I didn't know why I believe him! But after reading this book I understood the God. God is not only spiritual he is also scientific. Thanks to the writer this great book!
  •     I have been reading a fair few books regarding Faith recently and this one was a great read, mainly because the subject is so interesting.The Author extends logical reasoning to the debate which is not always the case from some books but this one is different and explains the theories in a very practical and well thought out way.The points that come across sure do make sense and I think this would be good for many people to read but especially the more cynical youth of today.Well recommended.
  •     In this discussion I make also concentrated both the incapability on technology to bear alone as one final thinking tool on problems that extend above the natural world. Hence absolutely no record of a Divine Lifestyle can be established through reference to be able to technology alone, however via logical thinking based on obvious and also explicit info. I make also demonstrated the reality that scientific phenomena can not remain explained with out resort to the part of a Supernatural Control.
  •     I really enjoyed reading this book. The book has a good perspective and it is very objective. It is very clear in explaining that no proof of a Divine Existence can be established by reference to science alone. I highly recommend this book to anyone!
  •     As the title suggests there is proof that there is god..i believe in god but i think god exists in every human being..god is the creator and destroyer and is more advanced than our science...this book is really wonderful in terms of its content and unique level of ingredients..its a must read for all book get it now

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