Hair: The long and the short of it.

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Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 16, 2012)
Author Name:Neufeld, Art


Remember looking at your hair in the mirror this morning? There is a lot that you don’t know about something that is so familiar. 
Although hair is dead, it keeps on growing.
In fact, continuously growing hair on our head is a uniquely human characteristic.
All mammals have fur, but fur is not quite the same as hair.
Do you know what hair is made of? Or how fast it grows? Or to what length it grows? Women and men have straight, wavy or curly hair on their head, but what gives hair these different qualities? Most of the people in the world have black or very dark brown hair.
So, where did redheads and blondes come from? Have you ever wondered if bald men are really more virile? And, why does the hair of US Presidents turn gray during their term of office? Beards and moustaches are facial hair, worn long or not.
The shaving industry has come up with five rows of vibrating steel blades, a long way since cavemen plucked their beard hairs out by clasping seashells.
Hair is our most visible natural feature.
Clean is important, but you don’t wash your favorite sweater as often as you wash your hair.
To groom, beautify and show off our crowning glory, we use some of the harshest chemicals on earth as well as heat equivalent to oven roasting temperatures to literally bend our hair out of shape, or into shape, in the latest hairstyle.
The hair care industry makes tons of money on our daily chore.
But, do you know why we have hair? This book is all about the hair on your head.

About the Author

Arthur H. 
Neufeld, PhD was, for 40 years, an ophthalmic pharmacologist on the medical school faculties of Yale University, Harvard University, Washington University in St.
Louis and Northwestern University.
His laboratory did basic research on finding new medications to treat eye diseases.
Not too many years ago, while drinking wine one evening with an anthropologist friend and discussing human evolution, Dr.
Neufeld asserted that only people have hair.
He retired from academia in 2009 and has been keeping himself intellectually stimulated by working on this book.
Neufeld lives in New Hampshire where he has a home on Lake Winnipesaukee.


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Comment List (Total:4)

  •     Dr Neufeld is/was a great scientist but he selected a very boring topic, except perhaps to bald men or women.I use it to fall asleep at night
  •     An awesome book from an extremely reliable source. A must read in the modern era of all the gimmicky treatments out there. Thanks for the historical, scientific, insightful approach.
  •     I ordered a copy of this book after seeing it mentioned in The New Yorker. To my disappointment, the book turned out to be disorganized and unedited. Its subtitle should have been "Everything I ever seen, heard, or imagined about hair." A guy with plenty of time on his hands just rambles on until he really runs out of things to say and starts giving you lists of places where hair is not wanted, such us on a toothbrush or in your mouth. His general lack of focus also leads to poor or rather non-existing editing, reflected in many howlers, such as mixing up verbs `to bare' and `to bear.' This self-published vanity book badly needs a haircut.
  •     I will begin with an observation. Has it ever occurred to you that the hair of people with an African or Asian background have black hair while the hair of Europeans can also be brown, blond, or red? Did you know that despite the blackness of most hair, the cross-section of hairs is typically different for each of the geographical groups, as is the way it typically lies upon the head? If these interest you, as well as everything else you wanted to know about hair----how it is tended, groomed, dyed, harvested for use by others, then this is the superb book for you. Stylishly written (excuse the pun), often humorous, always expert, and encyclopedic in reach, this is the unique book that comes along rarely. The author is an accomplished biological researcher on issues far removed from hair (perhaps another pun), he turned his attention to hair purely out of curiosity, and placed all us similarly curious ones in his debt.

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