What Your Husband Isn't Telling You: A Guided Tour of a Man's Body, Soul, and Spirit

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Press: Brilliance Audio; Unabridged edition (October 1, 2012)
Author Name:Murrow, David; Stella, Fred;


Your husband learned from an early age to deny his true feelings—and to be silent about his deepest needs. 
Most men long for greater intimacy with their wives, but they have no idea how to find it.Bestselling author David Murrow breaks the silence, uncovering the central secret of your spouse’s heart.
He reveals what every husband since Adam has felt but has been unwilling or unable to say.If you really want to know what’s stored up in your husband’s heart, listen to this audiobook.
You’ll not only understand him better, you’ll love and respect him more.

About the Author

David Murrow is the world’s foremost expert on the subject of men and church. 
He’s the author of the bestseller Why Men Hate Going to Church.
You may have seen him on Fox News Channel, PBS, or in the New York Times talking about Christianity’s gender gap.
He’s the director of Church for Men, an organization that helps churches connect with the world’s largest unreached people group.
He lives in Alaska with his wife, three children, and three grandsons.


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Comment List (Total:16)

  •     It was a good book. Some parts seemed obvious, others not so much. It is always interesting to hear information like this from a guys' perspective.
  •     This is the first marriage book I've read that seemed to honestly let a woman see how a man thinks and feels. To me it helps explain so much about my husband. We have been married 42 years and I could have used this year's ago! I am ashamed to admit I have not appreciated and made room for his gifts and strengths. I believe God lead me to this book as I have been seeking His help and insight into a better relationship. Hopefully it can still happen. Thank you Mr. Murrow for your willingness to open yourself so that we all may gain understanding and strengthen our marriages. I would recommend this to any wife who truly wants to build a better marriage through the insights you reveal about men. It makes sense!
  •     I've been reading books about christian marriage and how men's minds work over the last several months. I've learned a lot. Reading What Your Husband Isn't Telling You by David Murrow I've come to understand quite a bit more. David references one of the books I had read prior to this one, but provides a different angle on the subject matter.This guy allows Provider and Protector narrate the parts they play in a man's life. Understanding how each of these influence a man is beneficial to a wife wanting to understand and appreciate her husband for how he's made. Also, a wife can come to understand why her husband has the faults and weaknesses he has, and can become the support her husband needs as she prays and encourages him, despite these things that driver her crazy or hurt her in some way.I laughed (and hung my head in embarrassment) as I read how the author and wife wife shared the exact scene that my husband and I have shared repeatedly. Maybe you've experienced this same thing with your husband. Hubby asks you want you want, but you don't really giving an answer, expecting him to read your mind. When he doesn't you pout the rest of the evening. I admit that this is something I do to my poor husband. Why I laughed is because the author and his wife had the very same (and almost word-for-word) conversation that has played over and over in our vehicle. Honey, what would you like to eat for dinner tonight? ending in hubby guessing the wrong thing because I wouldn't speak up, yet he pays for it with my pouting.This doesn't help my relationship and hearing the author's viewpoint on it really helped me see how childish I have been and how destructive it is to our relationship as a married couple.This is a very good resource for women looking to improve their relationships by understanding their husband's body, soul and spirit; they by using that knowledge to do what they can as wives to encourage, not hinder, their husbands' walk in life. I hope to use what I've learned from this book to strengthen my relationship with my husband.I received this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.
  •     You changed my understanding of men. I bought 8 of your books to give family for Christmas including teenage grandkids both male and female.
  •     I'm a guy who picked the book up to find out what I wasn't telling my wife ... lol. Great resource. I have read it several times.
  •     Great book!
  •     This book is offensive, reality often is. It's often easier to deny truth than to acknowledge we need to open our heart, mind, and ears and make a change.
  •     Good insight. Would recommend any married woman to read. Knowledge and understanding in our husbands and marriage is key. Love how David wrote this book and its honesty.
  •     Helped me so much with my relationships. I now see men in a different light and love them for who they are. This book is a must for all women. Do not hesitate to buy.
  •     I stumbled upon this book just in the nick of time. My husband had been distancing himself from me and our four young children for almost three years and despite my heartfelt, sincere efforts, I was losing him to stress, anxiety, depression, alcohol, pornography and drugs. He's a highly intelligent and successful conservative man with a strong Christian upbringing. We love each other very much and are extremely compatible in many ways, yet I could never understand his pain and why it suddenly manifested in this way, until now. With a better understanding of what he thinks and feels, I have been able to make changes in my own behavior and feelings about his. His response has been amazing and we have been communicating more honestly than we ever have before. I believe we are finally on the right path, thanks to the insight this book has given me.
  •     I found many things in this book demeaning towards women. I do not recommend it for the faint of heart.
  •     A well written instructional book for women that deals with understanding her husband's needs and wants.
  •     I really needed to read this book. A lot of good things, but also a lot of hard things to read...and to accept...like the fact that my husband is always going to look at other women.Though there was some info on submission, I missed the verse about the fact that you should submit to each other...that verse typically gets left out of book like these. :-(Throughout the book, I found myself saying things like, 'what if...' I would say this might be true of a lot of wives. Especially in spots where it seems that we dismiss a man's behavior, 'because he's a man!' That doesn't make it right.
  •     Have you ever been curious: 'what's REALLY going on in your man's head?' Well, this author is able to cleverly put it all into words our female brains can understand. I feel like I 'get' my hubby better now, even better than he understands himself right now as his T levels are starting to lower, so I'm very thankful to author David Murrow for enlightening me to the inner workings of mens' minds, bodies, and souls. I feel like I can 'see' all men through a different lens now and I don't take things as personally as I once have. A must read for all women, and a good read for men too, so you can better understand the 'whys' your wife keeps asking you and how to better explain them to her.
  •     Thanks, David, for the honesty and knowledge you injected into this book. I'm sure many women may take offence to these truths, but Jesus and honestly are good medicines, and those unwilling to accept their doses are certainly self-inflicting their own internal (and eternal) suffering.
  •     Mr. Murrow did a good job helping us see into the mind of a man. My only complaint is that he didn't cover the warrior side of the male temperament.

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