Tales of the League: First book of the Gilon Chronicles

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Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (February 3, 2012)
Author Name:Tacca, Marco; Roznowicz, Anika;


The year is 3010 in Gilon. 
The world is run by money and corporations.
The rich are safe in ultra secure sprawls while the poor must struggle to survive among the gang wars that rage around them.
In the chaos, a man with questionable morals can easily find lucrative work as a mercenary.
Seeing opportunity for both gold and revenge for the ghosts of his past, ex-military man Marcus “Misty” Treach gathers a fire wizard, a hacker and a mysterious, spirit-possessed cyborg to do those dirty jobs.
It all seems easy enough until they find themselves in the middle of a shadow war between two ancient armies.
Now the team must find a way to survive elven assassins, undead hordes, hostile mercenaries and more to prevent these armies from destroying the world.
And if they can make a profit while doing so, all the better...


Science Fiction & Fantasy,Science Fiction,Cyberpunk,Fantasy,Paranormal & Urban

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  •     I had a great time reading this book. The plot never slows down, the writing is fun and playful, and the world is part fantasy, part sci-fi and fully original. Put together it creates a story that is hard to put down. I read the entire thing in about three or four sittings and now can't wait for the second book to come out. While the story is almost purely fun, adventure, and action, it has an unnerving background of social inequality and prejudice in the background that I am looking forward to seeing develop and play out throughout the series. In short, I enjoyed the book a lot and definitely recommend it!
  •     before all the inevitable fighting even begins you can find, hidden in the stories of the of the League's members, the not so subtle reasons for today's social and political movements from "Occupy Wall Street" and the like to "Obamacare" and "No Child Left Behind".In the middle of a merciless world, the difficulties of modern day relationships emerge with a funny and sad (at the same time) love story.Still, Chapter by Chapter, mission by mission, the plot thickens and the search for the eight artifacts keeps you reading until the end.Unfortunately, it will take more than a book to discover them all.

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