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Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (January 10, 2012)
Author Name:Veal, Fran


My life was shattered when I walked in to find my parents being murdered. 
He almost got me, too.
The killer, I mean.
The police say it was a home invasion, but I don't believe it.
I just wish the nightmares would stop.
The same thing every night, reliving it.
Tripping over dad's body.
Hearing my mother scream.
I can't take this any more! So I run.
I run to forget.
I run to get away.
And then I meet Josh.
He helps me forget, for a while, anyway.
He's absolutely perfect.
Or is he...
FINDING MY ESCAPE is a young adult novel mixing romance with suspense and a twist of the paranormal.


Teens,Science Fiction & Fantasy,Fantasy

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  •     "Delight not only adult readers but readers of all ages"? hmmmm Nope. I am only 38% through the first one and I seriously cannot finish it.
  •     This review is by my 10 year old daughter, under my supervision.Fran Veal did a very good job on writing this book. There are a great many twists and turns in the plot, all good. It kept me guessing right to the end. From the moment I picked it up, I couldn't put it down. The main character's dreams are a bit gory and disturbing, but it makes sense because she's traumatized. Despite that, I can hardly wait to read book 2.
  •     There are a few words to sum up this book: fantastic, well-written, exciting, eerie, enticing and suspenseful. Okay, that's more than a few words, but I will say -- I LOVE THIS BOOK! Fran Veal does a great job of telling a story and keeping the reader engaged, entertained and captivated. When I began this book, it didn't take me long before I couldn't stop reading it. I couldn't put it down! I never expected the various turn of events and the end, well, oh my! I can't wait to read Fran's next book! This is a must read for everyone!
  •     And just when I thought I had it figured out, there's a twist! Excellent writing. Fran kept my attention throughout the entire book.
  •     This novel was awesome! I met the author at an event, honestly I was set to by this book and forgot about it. This story blew my ever loving mind.
  •     I bought book one and two, got about two chapters in and couldn't go any further. It just wasn't interesting and the book felt like Twilight character wannabes.
  •     The entire story has concealing and screaming for more!! And the end will simply pull at your heart strings....Five stars easy!!!
  •     I came across this book when it was chosen as the Book of the Month in the Goodread’s Paranormal, Fantasy, Dystopia and Romance Readers, Writers and Reviewers group, so I was...
  •     I received this book from the author in return for my honest review. I really enjoyed this book and it kept me on the edge of my seat. The build up was steady and never faltered.
  •     This is a verified purchase ,and I DID NOT receive a free book for the purposes of review.I'm an avid and fast reader. I read in several different genres,and actually like to read YA books as well.I am like a bee to nectar sometimes. There are so many good books at reasonable prices for my kindle, that I have been known to go from one to the next..perhaps too quickly. So, yes..I confess that in my haste to get to the "next good book",I tend to rush through books at times.WELL...I thought I was going to rush right through this one. I would find myself having to go back a few pages, scratching my head. I'm not accustomed to this genre,so I was getting a bit lost. The writing skill impressed me,so I decided to rush through another chapter. Warning..that will not work for many of us. Once I managed to forget all the books on my list to read(quickly!quickly!),the book drew me in. I hate to use the old saying,but I literally hated to put it down. I took it in the kitchen while I prepared dinner,snatching a minute here and there. I sat down after the meal,threw back my recliner and relaxed and read. It worked. So my advice to you ,dear reader is this:DO NOT RUSH..just kick back,relax,and take your time.What a good book! As many reviewers have mentioned a daughter,Hannah Jordan, comes home one night to find both of her parents murdered.She wakes up to find that she is in the hospital and can only remember bits and pieces. Escape is in an alternate universe, but is she even safe there?Advisement: The romantic line in the story is very tastefully done,which I appreciated,as I don't think some details move the story along.Scenes are not gruesome,but they will get your adrenaline going just a bit,perhaps. In my opinion, the writing skill was top notch,and if there were any typos,I did not see them. I read on the author's page that there was going to be a sequel,but the book stands alone as well.
  •     Very good read this and it's follow up. However there was to be a book 3 in this series and to this point has not be written leaving the story unfinished.
  •     Great read! Fantastic beginning (the brutal murders of a teen's parents) and a real go-go-go pace for the rest of the book.
  •     Be careful...because once you take that first step, you're drawn in with little chance of backing out. As a teacher of 13 years, I'm always looking for books to recommend to students...Finding My Escape is like coming across that rare recipe where you don't feel the need to add or take away from the ingredients. Teens and young adults, both male and female, will find this story an engaging read. Is it a gushy teen romance? A little. Is it a gory murder mystery? Not exactly. It also has an ethereal element without all the pixie dust or ray guns, tie-ins to current social culture, and a keen grasp on unspoken teen emotions and angst. Most importantly (to me as an educator), it touches on the elements of inferring and predicting without losing the reader by being too predictable or too vague; rather I found myself enjoying turning pages to find out if I was right...or wrong. Both reluctant readers and those who hide under their covers with a flashlight will find themselves saying, "Just one more chapter."
  •     Fran Veal's "Finding My Escape" is the story of Hannah Jordan. She's a high-school senior who comes home one night to the worst nightmare imaginable - the murder of her parents, in progress. In the chaos, she's knocked unconscious and she wakes up two weeks later, in the hospital, with very little recollection of what happened to her, or what she saw. Hannah goes to live with her aunt in a small town in Tennessee, where she tries to piece her life back together, and she struggles to cope with the trauma of her parents' murder. She's aided in these efforts by her aunt, her best friend Matt, and a strange boy who keeps showing up in her dreams...There's mystery and suspense as Hannah fights to remember what she saw, and uncovers clues to the reasons behind her parents' murder; there's romance as Hannah figures out her feelings for both Matt and for the boy she keeps dreaming about; and there's an emotional journey as Hannah simply tries to go on with her life in the wake of an unimaginable loss. Fran Veal handles all of this with great care, and great skill.The book is wonderfully written, and Hannah is an engaging and completely relateable narrator (the book is told in first person, from Hannah's point of view). The prose is clean and clear, the world is well described, and Hannah's feelings and actions are believable every step of the way. The story takes some unexpected twists and turns, which I won't spoil at all. I'll just say that the author surprised me more than once, even when I was sure I knew what was coming next, but at the same time I never felt that the surprises didn't make sense.I would VERY HIGHLY recommend this book, and I'm looking forward to the sequel.
  •     Wow I was so surprised by all the twists and turns in this book. I bought this book a while back but it had been buried on my kindle when I was just looking for something different to read this cover caught my eye so I decided to start reading. I am so glad I did as I really enjoyed it. Even though the ending surprised me and left me hanging. The author does a great job of involving you in this story and making you feel like you are part of what is going on. Can't wait to get grab book 2 and see the rest of the story.
  •     I really enjoyed this blend of elements, the realistic teen characters thrown into otherworldly, Avatar-esque fantasy and horrific crime.

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