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Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (March 8, 2012)
Author Name:Coast Guard, United States


This book fulfills your legal requirement to have a copy of the Navigation Rules on your vessel. 
These are the official rules updated and corrected for 2017.
They are clearly laid out in plain English.
There is a code to download a FREE APP which links to many videos which illustrate the rules.
This book includes instructions on how to find the updates at the USCG NAVIGATION RULES center.
If you ever have an accident on the water you have legal reporting requirements.
Also there is a body of legal questions and previous experience that you will need to look up online.
Relevant FAQ is also available.
PART A-GENERAL Rule 1-Application Rule 2-Responsibility Rule 3-General Definitions PART B-STEERING AND SAILING RULES Section/Subpart I-Conduct of Vessels In Any Condition of Visibility Rule 4-Application Rule 5-Look-out Rule 6-Safe Speed Rule 7-Risk of Collision Rule 8-Action to Avoid Collision Rule 9-Narrow Channels Rule 10-Traffic Separation Schemes/Vessel Traffic Services SECTION/SUBPART II-CONDUCT OF VESSELS IN SIGHT OF ONE ANOTHER Rule 11-Application Rule 12-Sailing Vessels Rule 13-Overtaking Rule 14-Head-on Situation Rule 15-Crossing Situation Rule 16-Action by Give-way Vessel Rule 17-Action by Stand-on Vessel Rule 18-Responsibilities Between Vessels Section/Subpart III-Conduct of Vessels In Restricted Visibility Rule 19-Conduct of Vessels in Restricted Visibility PART C-LIGHTS AND SHAPES Rule 20-Application Rule 21-Definitions Rule 22-Visibility of Lights Rule 23-Power-driven Vessels Underway Rule 24-Towing and Pushing Rule 25-Sailing Vessels Underway and Vessels Under Oars Rule 26-Fishing Vessels Rule 27-Vessels Not Under Command or Restricted in Their Ability to Maneuver Rule 28-Vessels Constrained by Their Draft Rule 29-Pilot Vessels Rule 30-Anchored Vessels and Vessels Aground Rule 31-Seaplanes PART D-SOUND AND LIGHT SIGNALS Rule 32-Definitions Rule 33-Equipment for Sound Signals Rule 34-Manoeuvring and Warning Signals Rule 35-Sound Signals in Restricted Visibility Rule 36-Signals to Attract Attention Rule 37-Distress Signals PART E-EXEMPTIONS Rule 38-Exemptions If you ever have an accident look at this online information before you do anything.
Responsibility is a legal concept.


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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     This is not what I expected. This is not a USCG copy of comdtinst m16672.2 navigation rules international-inland. This some horsecrap copy of it and it's not complete. Stay away from this. The people that rated this 5 star are either being paid or have never had a copy of the real thing.
  •     Increase you on the water knowledge by learning the "Rules of the Road". It's amazing to see how many "boaters" have no clue how to operate a vessel according to the rules.
  •     Since the USCG last published the Navigation Rules in 1999 there have been a few NTM additions that have been released which affect COLREGS. The Paradise Cay Publications Inc. version does an outstanding job integrating these NTM into the COLREGS with a gray background box which brings the readers attention immediately to the changes. Additionally, they have provided a slightly more useful table of contents which they refer to as an "Annotated Contents". Most importantly, they provide you with their website, which lists all the NTM which affect your navigation rules, so that you can keep your book updated in the decades to come. Their website also lets you put in your e-mail address which then e-mails you if there are any new NTM that affect your navigation rules.Finally, when comparing the Paradise Cay Publications Inc. version to the Lighthouse Press, ProStar version, there is a clear difference in quality with respect to the diagrams. The Paradise Cay Publications Inc. version has clear diagrams with legible explanations. With the ProStar version it is like you are looking at a blurry copy of a blurry copy; the diagrams are just not as legible, especially the font within the diagrams.If you want a handy to use, up-to-date (and easy to keep that way), and legible copy of the Navigation Rules, go with the Paradise Cay Publications Inc. version.
  •     This book is not an official coast guard publication, and it has no publisher name, as if they tried to hide. It does contain the core of the navigation rules, typeset in a careless and hardly readable manner. It lacks illustrations, appendixes, even a table of contents! I ended up going to West Marine and getting a nice copy by Paradise Cay Publications for 10 dollars.This is the first time I see Amazon selling such a substandard, unprofessional book.
  •     Not official NAV Rules. Misleading selling it as official Nav Rules. Should hav known it was so cheap.
  •     It does describe well the rules.
  •     Cheaply printed
  •     This can be downloaded for free from the USCG website that updated continually. Save your money get it there. Boating is a costly sport I try to save money wherever I can.
  •     Has everything you need to know!
  •     It has the latest changes incorporated.
  •     great book as a reference to the rules of the road for navigation.
  •     a must if wishing to ply the rivers and inland waterway - great book
  •     as advertised
  •     Being an ex-mariner I was interested in bringing myself up-to-date on the rules. I had a lot of previous experience at reading, understanding, being tested and using the rules - on the high sea and inland. I found this verison to be useful. The publishers have added a few very helpful additions to the standard USCG version. Some of these adds are the index, online links mentioned, hi-lited corrections and list of recent corrections. Unfortunatley there are still typographical errors. I would have thought that the USCG and/or the publisher (whoever is responsible for them) would have had a proof read before publishing in an effort to eliminate these. These small errors might create a doubt in the readers mind regards the correctness of the whole contents. Having said this I can still recommend this book to all those with a need-to know these rules.
  •     The official navigation rules are something that every boater should own. If your vessel is large enough or operating in international waters, you are legally required to have it aboard and understand its contents. Regardless of whether you have to have it aboard, if you go out on the water you have to understand what the rules are and what your obligations are to avoid collisions.Think you don't need it? Collisions are the most serious boating accident, and virtually every collision is later determined to be avoidable by later investigation, had the operators been closely following the Nav Rules.Here's the problem, though, if you rely on the Official Navigation Rules as your only reference: this edition of the rules is technical, and illustrated, but is often incomprehensible. The diagrams are schematic by necessity, but they are not useful if you're trying to decide what to do out in the real world. New boaters will be easily confused by the situations, since there's no perspective on what is a typical or atypical scenario. Experienced boaters will be perplexed by the eccentricities of the wording. It is not a tutorial on the rules, and as a reference is decipherable basically if you already know the rules.So what are you to do, if you have to know the Navigation Rules? You have to own this book. And then you have to learn the rules. There are numerous other sources for the knowledge. You should have a basic seamanship reference, such as Chapman's or the Annapolis Seamanship book. You should probably also take a boating safety class at your local US Coast Guard Auxiliary or US Power Squadron, both of which cover the navigation rules. If you want to be sure about knowing the rules in detail, there are a number of self-study books (such as for Six-Pack exams) that do a much better job at going through a tutorial.Buy this book; but to understand the basics, and to get to know the details that may save your life and your boat, make sure you extend that knowledge beyond the bare minimum.Update: I would now recommend Charlie Wing's "One Minute Guide" to the rules of the road in addition to the official Nav Rules (ISBN 0070710945) for recreational boaters.
  •     As described and quick delivery.
  •     Important info
  •     Full of extraordinarily useful info but format, with the print so small, makes it extremely awkward to digest.

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