Who's The Devil Jesus Knew?: Explaining Satan In The Gospels

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Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (September 11, 2011)
Author Name:Brayshaw, MR James R.


When its time to find out if Satan is real or not you'll want this book on your shelf. 
This third volume in the series takes the reader to the next step in understanding the devil of the Bible.
Getting answers isn't always easy but this work will give you more answers than you ever thought we could squeeze into one volume.
More than just explaining how the idea of Satan's reality came into Christian thinking, Brayshaw gives clear and thorough explanations for every account of Satan or the devil in the Gospels.
Get this book today and tomorrow you'll wake up in a world without Satan.


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  •     Several years ago I started seeing that much of what Christianity taught about Satan, Hell, Demons etc. was based mostly on illogical reasoning, not on the Bible as I had been told. Fact is, Religion has re-interpreted the Bible to support what they wanted to believe all along, that is that There is a Good God, and a created god called Satan. Problem is, the Bible, when read in its cultural, linguistic and historical context says almost none of the things that Religion does. The Bible says that "satan" is the opposer, the human will that chooses to disobey the Truth (God). Of course, this is much easier to see when one reads the "Bible" that was used in the New Testament times, that is; the Old Testament. Why do demons and satan seem to leap out of nowhere in the NT? Read this book and you will see why. The NT words meant different things in that day, and in fact agree with the OT, amazing.

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