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Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (January 18, 2012)
Author Name:Pitt, MR Darrell E.


A young adult steampunk novel following the adventures of Ignatius Doyle and his young assistant Jack Mason as they uncover the secrets of the mysterious Phoenix Society.


Teens,Science Fiction & Fantasy,Science Fiction,Steampunk,Fantasy

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  •     I just finished The Steampunk Detective. I was a fun, easy read with lots of improbable action in an even more improbable pre-WWII steampunk environment. Loved it! Especially clever bringing a Holmes-type character into this genre. Bazookas!Hope the author writes more in this series.
  •     First of all, I have to say that as a fan of detective stories and sci-fi, this was my first foray into the steampunk genre. For 99 cents I thought I'd give it a go. Well I have to say that the story drew me in quickly and the pace was quite action packed. I suspect this author is a bit of a Sherlock Holmes fan as I picked on a lot of the subtle and humorous tributes to Arthur Conan Doyle. I finished this book in only one day and despite it supposedly being a 'young adult' novel, I think anyone of any age would like it. I enjoyed this story immensely and after doing a bit of searching on Amazon I discovered this author has released two other books which are fairly priced and I'm definitely keen to check them out as well. I'm looking forward to keeping an eye on this author. I hope there will be a sequel to The Steampunk Detective.If there is, I will buy it. Keep up the good work!!!. 5 stars Mr Pitt.
  •     At first I quite liked this book. It is written with good grammar and has interesting main characters. As I continued reading though the flaws became more obvious.First of all adding steam in front of objects does not make the technology make sense. The concept of steam space ships or steam helicopters just doesn't pass the smell test. Secondly the book travels from a mystery to an adventure story to a war story without much reason. It really needed to stick to a genre for the characters to make sense.
  •     The Steampunk Detective by Darrell Pitt, which while having a decent plot, could have done with another draft and less obvious link to Sherlock Holmes and Robin from Batman.
  •     I'm relatively new to steampunk and wasn't sure what to expect but this one was a lot of fun. If you're looking for light reading you'll enjoy this one.
  •     Good adventure story..glad I took a chance and got this. The story moves right along from beginning to end. Anxiously awaiting next adventures
  •     I'm a fan of the lighter side of Steampunk and this book is great! If you like Sherlock Holmes, you'll enjoy some nods to the great detective in the story - woven in quite nicely.
  •     Jack Mason is an orphan who is taken in by a consulting detective named Ignatius Doyle. They go on an adventure to save London from destruction.
  •     We wish for more of Mr.Doyle and Jack. We eagerly await for more adventures of these two streamlining detectives and M.
  •     I bought this on a whim -- being a Sherlock Holmes buff, a fan of steampunk, and the owner of a new Kindle. Plus, it was just 99 cents.But what a nice surprise!Pitt knows his Holmes -- the novel is filled with Sherlock references -- and his steampunk sensibilities are right on. Good, fast storytelling, characters you care about, and a nice bit of mystery.Bravo! I'm looking forward to the sequel.
  •     This was a very interesting book, with lots of nice plot elements. However, I felt that the plot was a little cliché with some of the elements in the story.
  •     Well, after re-reading "The Steampunk Detective" by Darrell Pitt, I've come to a couple of conclusions.
  •     Good steampunk is getting increasingly difficult to find. I thought Steampunk Detective might do it, but it missed on several levels.One of the appeals of steampunk is the contrast of Victorian morality and the seedy reality of life, science that borders the edge of whacky, problems for running afoul of the labyrinthine social protocols, etc., etc.One) At sixteen, Jack is still living in an orphanage in Victorian-era England. Sixteen was more than old enough for an orphaned young man to be put out on his own. Yet his family were circus people. Why didn't the circus people keep him? He had skills, he could have still performed, and circus people tended to look out for each other. Yet this is never addressed. Orphans in Victorian England had a very, very difficult time.Two) I don't think the author adequately researched the lifestyle of Victorian circus performers *or* orphans. Jack speaks and acts like a young gentleman, not a young man who lived a nomadic lifestyle with a circus. Circus performers were often viewed to be similar to gypsies--con artists, tricksters, and performers. (See Wilkin's classic, THE MOONSTONE for examples.) It was not a comfortable life by any stretch.Three) An airship moored on a roof in a residential area? Really?Four) Doyle was clearly a Holmes clone but without Holmes' charm and elegance, Jack was a Dick Grayson clone, and 'Scarlet' is not a name for a proper young lady in England. It takes less than three seconds to Google common girls' names for Victorian England. The serial numbers weren't quite filed off for this book, so just a few pages in, I began to feel like I was reading fan fiction. (Not that that's bad, some fan fiction is quite good. But I'd paid for an original work, not a pastiche.)Five) The repetition of a catch-phrase is not character development. 25% of the way into the story, the characters showed no sign of developing past one-dimensional archetypes.The anachronisms began to be too much. Steampunk is, at its best, an homage to the classic writers of sci-fi (Wells, Verne, even Shelley and Stoker). That means a little more flexibility in terms of science, but a stronger emphasis on social mores. It can be very difficult to write in the style of classic sci-fi without being derivative, or copying the style of mainstream writers of that era (Austen springs to mind...), so Pitt gets credit for the attempt. This story just needed some more focused research, an original twist, and much closer editing for writing mechanics.There were moments that shone in the book, like when Jack recalled performing with the Sparrows, and the times he blushed and fumbled for words around the first pretty girl who really spoke to him. Those moments give me hope that Pitt's next effort will be more polished and developed.
  •     At least I hope the author is writing a sequel.This was a wonderful, exciting book that was a delight from start to finish. I was pure fun to follow these characters' adventures and i thoroughly enjoyed the tongue in cheek parody of Sherlock Holmes.Now I wasn't kidding about the sequel, Darrell Pitt, get to work.
  •     This book showed up on my recommendations and I bought it on a whim. It was a rainy day, so I plowed through it in an afternoon. Although I like the premise, I found the execution to be a bit lacking. Still, it was mindless fun, and well worth the price. I may even give the author's other stories a look, but unless they're a bit more polished, I don't know if I'll buy 'em.
  •     "I actually have a cousin who is rather good too, but he's another story." - Ignitus Doyle. Hmmm...could he be reffering to the great Sherlock Holmes??
  •     I've never read a steampunk novel before and I would have to say this novel was a good first introduction.

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