The Day Our Gravity Reversed: Book one of 'The Reversal Series'

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Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (June 13, 2011)
Author Name:Baxter, MR Paul; Baxter, MR Paul;


Nobody truly remembers the moment our gravity reversed, partly owed to the fact that the vast population of mammals were wiped from the bewildered frown of the Earth's face, but mainly because those remaining hit the ceiling with their heads. 
The thing that really got to the surviving populace of Britain was that it occurred precisely at midday, whilst many were outdoors or departing for their lunch.
They were just plucked like ants from their mound.
Many of the more religious surviving groups believed that it was the second coming of Jesus and instead of ‘coming’ to us, it was our turn to return to him.
This, of course, resulted in many more ant-astrophies.
In any event, it’s not yet certain what befell, only that we are now trapped like moles in the Earth’s skin, burrowing deeper and deeper towards hell...
Sue Quainalopolus is a fairly normal girl from just outside of London, but when she finds herself dangling freely just above the jaws of oblivion, she realises that she must choose a fate between starvation and being consumed by the abyss below.
“She looked at the widening crack near her feet.
It was looking less and less likely that she had a choice.” A Prime Minister going loopy from all the fumes and pressure running a crumbling nation, secret Government projects that leave the Gherkin building hurtling around Earth, a compulsive liar and a sex maniac with one brain cell between them and a cult, intent on opening the gates of hell.
An epic adventure for the 21st century, a sinister scenario, an enthusiastic probe at the laws of physics (until your finger hurts) and a comedy rolled into one, join a nation as it strives to be great before it falls...
In amongst the chaos, the ground seems the safest place to be but as they dig up up up in search of salvation, something is waiting.
Something big.
Something old, and it's got a taste for humans...
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Science Fiction & Fantasy,Science Fiction

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  •     brilliant & humorous. if you're a fan of douglas adams or terry pratchett buy now and you'll laugh and wish this was a series with more than 1 book!
  •     If you like books by Terry Pratchett, you'll like this novel. I won't spoil the book but the flying cat is too funny.
  •     Simply couldn't get into it. The plot was confusing. I was so confused didn't even finish it. More sci fi than I prefer.

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