Allen Allen: A Warrior's Journey

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Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (September 8, 2011)
Author Name:Villamor, Tanja; Villamor, Fredric;


Allen Allen: A Warrior's Journey is a biography on Allen Allen, nicknamed the "A-Bomb," who earned the name while playing volleyball for the University of Hawaii. 
Initially, Allen received a scholarship to play football despite playing only one year in high school, but he turned it down to pursue his new found love, volleyball.
With only one year of volleyball experience, Allen earned a spot on the UH Warriors volleyball squad.
The “A-Bomb” broke numerous school records, both offensively and defensively, and helped push the men's program into the forefront of men's volleyball, transforming them into a powerhouse organization.


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  •     Great book! Great motivator for today's youth!
  •     This is a nice, smooth read.This book did a great job of tracing Allen Allen from his humble beginnings in Samoa, through his exploration of sports while in Hawaii, and his entry into the U.S. National forum. What made this book so appealing is that it showed the struggles and challenges Allen faced in both the athletic and familial settings. The author did a great job of not just focusing on one life element, but instead offered a full array of Allen Allen's journey through his sports career. There was a perfect literary balance between the sports, religious, immigrant, and family relationship aspects of Allen's life. This is definitely not an idealized story of Allen Allen, but a realistic peek into the life of this special athlete.For a book that is rather short in length, it covers a lot of ground. Definely recommended reading--sports fan or not, young or old. This book brings pride to the talent often found in the sports programs of Hawaii, which is often eclipsed by bigger cities in the U.S. mainland.
  •     This is a tightly written gem of a book for young readers about a young Samoan's improbable rise to world volleyball stardom. I've heard of many Samoans making a name in US pro-football. But volleyball? He was 8 when Allen Allen joined his impoverished family from a tiny Samoan village that had immigrated to Hawaii. In short order, Allen grew in heft and height and excelled in football, basketball and volleyball. University of Hawaii offered him a football scholarship but he passed it up for volleyball. He left his family whom he adored but who wanted Allen to be a church pastor, not an athlete, to strike out on his own. It wasn't easy. He had to work very hard and endure humiliations as he was sidelined, watching less skillful players on the team. Fortunately a few coaches and teachers came to his aid and Allen scored one feat after another: UH three-time NCAA All American, membership in the US National Volleyball Team, the Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIBV) and the American Beach Volleyball League (ABVL). After a successful professional career, Allen devoted himself to community service. In San Diego, where he taught high school he helped troubled students and nurtured would-be athletes. He ran camp programs for young aspiring players, and volunteered as a women's volleyball coach in Spokane, WA. Tanja writes in clear, simple prose, packing in a lot of information. The mixed media illustrations by the her husband Fredric, a graphic artist, are deft and realistic. His perspective drawing is impressive given the challenge of rendering sports scenes. Young readers, regardless of their sports interest, will find a lot to learn from Allen's life - determination, patience, hard work and generosity of spirit.

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