Medical Biometrics: Computerized TCM Data Analysis

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Press: World Scientific Publishing Company; 1 edition (October 31, 2015)
Publication Date:2012-9
Author Name:Zhang, David; Zuo, Wangmeng;
Edition:1st Edition


The introduction of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) through modern information technology will not only achieve the objective progress of the heritage of thousands of years of TCM, but also deliver novel discoveries for modern medicines. 
This book is an advanced monograph based on a decade's worth of research work by the authors.
After a brief introduction on the four diagnosis approaches in TCM, this book delves into the three main TCM data analysis techniques: computerized tongue, pulse and odor analysis.
Both graduate students and researchers in computerized TCM data analysis will benefit from the book as it will provide a comprehensive understanding of the state-of-the-art analysis methods, image / signal acquisition devices, and the related feature extraction and classification methods.
Readership: Students and researchers from both academia and industry: in the field of computerized traditional Chinese medicine data analysis, or in the related fields, e.g., medical image/signal analysis, biometrics, and pattern recognition.


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