X-Men: Dark Mirror

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Press: Pocket Books (2006)
Publication Date:2005-12
Author Name:Liu, Marjorie M.


Jean Grey and her teammates-Cyclops, Wolverine, Rogue, and Nightcrawler--awaken as prisoners, stripped of their mutant powers, with their minds held hostage in the bodies of others, and must risk everything to stop the dark forces that are conspiring to destroy all mutants. 


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  •     While this book had an interesting premise it fails on the execution. The focus on the 5 X-Men while in the mental hospital got a bit boring. The action and exciting parts of the book are brief and at the end. Also, the "villian" of the story is woefully underdeveloped.
  •     I love this book. I have read this book over and over and over. I think I had the libraries copy more then they did so I had to buy it!!!
  •     Best xmen story I've read
  •     This is better than most of the X-men novels. Tho, be prepared that the heroes are powerless for most of the book. Better than some of the current X-men comics.
  •     I love this book.The premise, which you presumably already know, is that five of the X-Men (Phoenix, Cyclops, Wolverine, Rogue, and Nightcrawler) have been switched...
  •     I love this book.The premise, which you presumably already know, is that five of the X-Men (Phoenix, Cyclops, Wolverine, Rogue, and Nightcrawler) have been switched...
  •     This X-Men book was fantastic, I like X-Men the x-men stories from the comics and the movies. This book was funny, interesting and I couldn't put it down.
  •     Stays true to the characters in the comic book series and early 90's cartoon series.
  •     I bought this book because I usually enjoy body swap stories. This book didn't disappoint. The X-Men felt true to their comic book counter-parts and everything felt in character.
  •     I had given up on Marvel comics because of the exponential sleaze factor that kept creeping in. Still, I missed the characters, and took refuge in the novels based on the Marvel...
  •     Sad condition especially be a surplus libray book.
  •     Jean Grey awakens in an unfamiliar room. She is weak, disoriented, stripped of her telepathic and telekinetic powers -- and trapped in some else's body. Also prisoner are her teammates Cyclops, Wolverine, Rogue, and Nightcrawler -- their minds held hostage within the bodies of strangers. Who has brought them here, and for what purpose? The answers lead to a terrifying plan that threatens not only the X-men, but all mutantkind...Even though I found the characterization in this book to be a little off, the fun plot more than made up for it. Not only are the X-men trapped inside the bodies of mental patients and locked up in an insane asylum (and some of them aren't in the gender they should be in), their former bodies are being used by the mental patients to infiltrate the school and wreak havoc. I especially recommend this book is you're a fan of Scott and Jean's romantic relationship, Rogue and Remy's romantic relationship, or Logan and Jubilee's father/daughter relationship.
  •     I have all of Marjorie Liu's books and I think she is up there with Feehan, Kenyan, Sands, Bangs and a host of other well known authors that I read and can't get enough of. Her books are entertaining and keep you rooting for the good guys and wishing one of them lived at your house. I'll purchase every book she writes because she is now on my list of "Favorites". If you like this type of reading I would urge you to read her books.

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