Graphically Speaking: A Visual Lexicon for Achieving Better Designer-Client Communication (Graphic Design)

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Press:F & W Pubns Inc North Light Books (November 1, 2002)
Publication Date:20021101
Author Name:Buchanan, Lisa


It's all too often that designers leave a meeting with clients feeling as if they've been speaking an entirely different language. 
Graphically Speaking solves such communication problems by breaking down client-designer dialogue into something both parties can understand.
It visually "defines" more than 30 of the most common words that clients use to describe what they want in a design.
Vague, possibly confusing terms--words like "elegant" or "powerful" or "warm"--are made specific as they relate to actual design style.
Entries provide visual reference materials including color combinations, fonts and final designs, so that terms are defined both literally and visually.
Because of the structure of the book, it's really three "must-have" books in one--a client communication guide, a designer reference and an inspiring collection of top design projects.


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Comment List (Total:9)

  •     Wow! Great book! I am excited to use it in a client meeting. I think it will be a great communiction tool! I like it also because it gives me ideas, but I like my own ideas better.
  •     You know what feeling you want your audience to be left with, but how?This book is the answer.Colors, type faces, questions, word index, and style, all provided with examples.Thank your dear Author and designer!This book showed me how......
  •     This book is full of beautiful examples, all in full color. Like it says it is a VISUAL Lexicon. Visual being the key word. It is not full of fluff like a lot of books. Graphic Designers are visual people. This is a wonderful book and I will be sure to buy anything that was written by Lisa in the future. Love it!
  •     I love this book! I'm so happy I have a hard copy of it! While it, of course, provides great information the lay outs are pretty nice and help inspire students like myself
  •     This is a great book, with excellent color schemes and pallets, examples, and explanations galore. There are times that I can't find some of the themes I'm looking for, but this book makes it SOOOO easy and wonderful to see great examples of wonderful work in simple genres that so many clients are looking for.I can't give this book rave enough reviews. I would easily rate this book up with the color index book.
  •     While the intent of this book is wonderful and in great ways succeeds in showing a great variety of design examples, I found the presentation to be less useful.
  •     Looking for a book to help you and your clients communicate and understand each other? This is it! You know when they say "innovative" and you are thinking one thing and they are thinking another thing? This is the book to take with you to your meetings, for sure! I am excited to do that with my next client! I can pull out the book, show them pictures, fonts, and groups of color, and say, "Is this what you mean by 'fast-looking' or is this?" Then my client can thumb through the book or look up adjectives in the back section and show me exactly what he or she means.
  •     Ms. Buchanan has produced a gem here. An excellent guide to communicating with clients (never easy) in the graphic design arena. It's not only a beautifully designed book with excellent photography, realistic examples and trade secrets - this book gives the reader advice and information on client interaction and making sure you both are on the same path. A must for every graphic designer.
  •     The simple, precise organization of this book helped me to see the ruts I tend to fall into and how to branch out. I doubt I'll haul it around to meetings, but it's a wonderful reference.

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