I Can Tell Her Anything: The Power of Girl Talk

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Press:Marlowe & Company Marlowe & Company (February 3, 2005)
Publication Date:2005-02-09
Author Name:Annette Annechild


Women have worked long and hard to become the strong, independent people they are today, and every aspect of that journey has been chronicled and analyzed except one: how women’s friendships have or have not changed as their roles in life have evolved. 
Psychotherapist, media dynamo (with multiple TV appearances on Oprah and Regis Philbin, among others), and best-selling author Annette Annechild spent the past three years talking with over a thousand women about their friendship experiences and now, in I Can Tell Her Anything, she explains for the first time how women relate to each other throughout their life span and why, in the end, they feel closer to their girlfriends than anyone else in their lives.
Annechild then molds the lessons of these stories and her own experience into valuable advice to help readers choose friends more wisely, help their daughters and younger women cope with friendship issues in positive ways, and much more.
I Can Tell Her Anything is an ambitious and wide-ranging exploration that captures the beauty and universal importance of friendship between women and helps readers be the best friends they can be.


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  •     The book is what I order. Is a great book to understand the power of the friendship and you also learn who are your friends.
  •     This little book has a huge heart as it explores the nature of friendship and intimacy between women. Based on scientific research as well as many anecdotal stories, "I Can Tell Her Anythng" reveals how and why women choose the kinds of friends they have, and then discusses how to evaluate the quality and value of those friendships. Any mother, daughter, good friend, mentor or even close male friends will want to read Dr. Annechild's heartfelt, sincere review of female friendships.This is a wonderful book, the research is sound, the advice is easy to digest, and it is a resource to pick up and reread anytime. Chart your own "girlogram", analyze your positive and negative friends, and above all start to live the 14 rules that true Girlfriends live by.

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