Why Do Men Have Nipples? Page-A-Day Calendar 2007

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Press:Workman Publishing Company Workman Publishing Company; Pag edition (June 1, 2006)
Publication Date:2006-06-01
Author Name:Mark Leyner,Billy Goldberg M.D.


Imagine buttonholing a really smart doctor at a cocktail party and asking every odd, icky, or embarrassing question you can think of. 
And getting the answers! Introducing the WHY DO MEN HAVE NIPPLES? CALENDAR, based on the #1 New York Times bestseller of the same name, with 570,000 copies in print.
Here is a truly fascinating year of questions you’d like to ask your doctor but never could (at least not before your third martini).
With wit and irreverence, the authors answer: If you are stranded on a desert island, should you drink seawater or your own urine? Why do you laugh when tickled? What is a food coma? And the ever-popular “Beer before liquor, never sicker/Liquor before beer, never fear”?

About the Author

Billy Goldberg, M.D. 
is a contributor for Workman Publishing Company titles including: "'Why Do Men Have Nipples? Page-A-Day Calendar"', 2007 and 2008.Mark Leyner is a contributor for Workman Publishing Company titles including: "'Why Do Men Have Nipples? Page-A-Day Calendar"' 2007 and 2008.Since 1971.
Workman is a publisher that's always around big ideas.
Kliban's Cat, The Official Preppy Handbook, The Silver Palate Cookbook, the original Page-A-Day Calendars, the What to Expect books, BRAIN QUEST – landmark bestsellers such as these reflect a knack for publishing books and calendars that lead with a commitment to publish them with a mixture of care and innovation.
The bright, appealing trade-paperback format has succeeded with high standards of design and production.
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Comment List (Total:16)

  •     Funny and scientific for a comedic and objective mind.
  •     I dont remember buying this. have no idea
  •     I knew why men have nipples before I read this book. Because we're all female for the first six weeks after conception until the male hormones kick in. Yes, macho men, the default human is female. But I can never resist the kind of book in which there are questions we'd like the answers to and answers.Ah, but this book is a little different. First, some of the questions are given equivocal answers, which is to be expected, since most of what there is to know isn't known. Some of the questions, like "Will using a cell phone give you a brain tumor?" or "Is it true that left-handed people are smarter than right-handed people?" aren't answered at all. Leyner, who is a writer, and Goldberg, who is an MD, have a way of going around the question. I got the feeling that the extent of their research didn't go much past the Internet--which might raise the question, how did this book ever become a best seller and inspire a sequel? The answer, my friend, is in the comedy.Leyner and Goldberg are a comedy team. While the bulk of the book is in the Qs and As, a good part consists of some hijinks at a cocktail party (thus the three martinis, although Leyner is mostly into Don Julio tequila). A third part seems to be lifted verbatim from their emails to each other.Part of the fun are those emails because they seem to give the reader a realistic glimpse into the cooperative creative process. It is also kind of fun to read what a doctor writes when he lets his hair down, so to speak, or at least takes off the white coat. However all of this is carefully staged. This is one of those "best seller" ideas that actually worked. These guys trade raunchy humor spiked with some information and lo and behold it works.Well, it semi-works. I liked the book and read it through in a setting, but some of the humor may be a little too raunchy for some.Bottom line: diverting enough for a rainy day or for that cross country flight, or if you need a break from War and Peace.
  •     I first got it to prepare for a gift exchange at my Christmas party, but, since I ordered it early, I came home and found my husband was already reading it.
  •     Interesting questions and answers.
  •     This book is not "like new or in good condition" as advertised. Smell like urine and has a brown stain in the body and upper side of the book.
  •     This book was an excellent and quite amusing read. Covers so many odd ball questions you would probably be too embarrassed to ask your doctor.
  •     Super fun book!!!
  •     super funny book was a gag gift that turned out to be the life of the party
  •     From what I can see from the reviews, people either love or hate this book. The title alerts the reader to the tone of the book. If you cannot tune in to the lighthearted nature of the book, then you won't be able to deal with the humor displayed by the authors.The dialogue is intended to move the question and answer sessions along. If you don't like their brand of humor, you can simply move on to the next question. The questions and answers covered a wide range of topics- some more serious then others. Some answers dispelled myths. Several topics covered common knowledge. Many responses provided interesting insight into diverse subjects.Years after it was released, the book is still a ranked book. That speaks for the popularity of its overall message.
  •     I picked up this book expecting a quirky and maybe humorous question-and-answer book. I have a fascination for oddball trivia on a wide range of subjects, and if it's presented...
  •     This book was hilarious and informative on many things. However it felt like most of the questions couldn't be answered or fully answered.
  •     Interesting book. Recipient loved it
  •     "Why Do Men Have Nipples?" was big fun. I have to admit having had some of the sillier questions take up space in my head for years. You aren't going to find answers to life or definitive information on the origin of the universe here, just some of the more interesting facts we can't live without. This book had me laughing out loud, sometimes at the questions, sometimes because the question was ever asked in the first place. I am proud to say I already knew why your teeth chatter in the cold or with a fever (body trying to warm up) and sucking the poison from a snake bite wasn't such a good idea. I didn't know the average desk in the average workplace could kill you with the amount of germs and bacteria outnumbering those on the toilet seat. Think hand sanitizer for stocking stuffers this year!! There are hundreds more interesting and sometimes strange facts I didn't know but the team of Goldberg and Leyner has now educated me to the level of expert. I am not sure if that's something to be proud of or not but I laughed and laughed hard while reading "Why Do Men Have Nipples?" and I suggest it to anyone who might be tempted to accost a doctor outside of his office for answers to some of the more pressing questions you have about the human body. Recommended highly!
  •     This book just is not good. The "dialogue" between the authors to fill space is just nonsensical. Many of the questions that are asked are answered with a "we don't know" answer. This would have made an interesting, much shorter piece for online somewhere but paying over $10 for this makes me want to ask "Why did I buy this book?"The people who rated this as "hilarious" and full of "interesting facts" must have a 3rd grade education; that's the reading level and comedy level of this book. I truly want to toss this into my wood chipper.
  •     I am learned a lot about those little things that we wonder about but don't know who to ask.

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