An elementary algebra for schools and academies

Press: (May 11, 2012)
Author Name:Wilson, Joseph W.


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1873 Excerpt: ...j of A's capital added to the whole of B's amounted to $6500.
What had each at first? Ans.
A had $3300, and B $4400.
A man spent $14 more than 4 of his money, and had $6 more than of it left.
What had he at first? Ans.
A and B have the same income.
A saves 10 per cent, of his.
B spends $75 a year more than A, and saves $125 in 5 years.
What is the income? Ans.
A merchant sold his stock, good-will, and fixtures for $50,000, receiving 5 times as much for the good-will as for the fixtures, and 3i times as much for the stock as for the good-will.
What did he receive for each? Ans.
$38,000 for the stock, §10,000 for the good-will, and $2000 for the fixtures.
From a certain sum I took its fourth part, and then added to the remainder $29.
I then took away the tenth part of this, and afterward added to the remainder $25, which made it $70.
What was the original sum? Ans.
A young man spent of his yearly income for board and lodging, of the remainder for clothes, and of what was left for amusements.
The rest, $400 per annum, he saved.
What was his income? Ans.
A laborer was engaged for a year at $440 and a suit of clothes.
He left at the end of 5 months, receiving $160 and the suit of clothes.
What was the value of the suit of clothes? Ans.
What he received was T6j of a year's wages.
A bought stocks amounting to $3000.
B bought stocks amounting to $2000.
A sold a certain amount of them, and B sold half as much as A.
A then had 1 times as much as B.
How much did each sell? Ans.
A sold $1500 worth, and B, $750 worth.
A quantity of pure water being decomposed, f of it by weight plus 12 ounces was oxygen, and T6g of it by weight less 15 ounces was hydrogen.
What was the quantity of water? Ans.
90 oun...

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