Education in India; a letter to His Excellency the Most Honourable, the Marquis of Ripon Viceroy and Governor-General of India

Press: (May 11, 2012)
Author Name:Murdoch, John


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1881 Excerpt: ...of the Bombay University, thus referred to the great need of moral instruction, from the lowest to the highest educational standards:--"Though necessarily precluded from adverting to religion, I yet in nowise forget, or expect you to forget, that it is impossible to teach human duty, comprising the relations between man and man, without also teaching something at least of man's duty towards God.
No doubt, one of the effects of really good teaching in arts, say in the branches of history or literature, must be to inculcate always incidentally, and often directly, much of the general duty of man.
Good teaching of physical science also must, as I believe, enlarge the ideas and elevate the sentiments of man in respect of God, and must impress upon him at least something of his duty towards his Creator.
But such teaching cannot furnish him with instruction in his duty towards his fellows--an instruction needed by all students alike, whether they belong to the department of arts or of science.
Again, there are, as we believe, abstract principles and moral truths wholly independent of, and immeasurably above, the loss of that material universe in which we live.
No doubt, these are incidentally inculcated by the teaching in arts.
But the inculcation of moral truth by teaching in physical science is not possible.
Nevertheless ethical instruction is specially requisite for the student of science, in order to prevent his imagining that there is nothing beyond the conceptions with which he is familiar, however lofty and wide these may be.
Moral philosophy, then, comprises a knowledge which is necessary to all students in all departments of education, which they must bring with them to all their studies, and which they ought to retain in their inmost hearts and min...

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