Medical brief Volume 33

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1905 Excerpt: ...pole on the spine and the negative pole at the epigastrium, is the preferable method.
The great point, however, is the recognition of the fact that every case is a rule unto itself.
Let out-of-date precedent influence you little or not at all.
Observe how the attitude of the profession is changing as to small-pox.
lt will some day be the same with epilepsy.
Written for the Jiedicai.
Therapeutic Suggestion: What Is It? BY HERBERT A.
D., C.
M., Chicago.
(Continued from paee 414.) "The method of treatment by which a patient is cured is generally the one to which he afterwards pins his faith.
Therefore, when a cure is really made by suggestion, and is credited to some other agency, the faith aroused is a false one.
Far different is it with a patient cured by 'directed suggestion.' He understands exactly why and how he has been cured.
He learns to observe a number of Nature's important laws, the effect of the mind upon the body, the control of his thoughts, etc., and it is a rare thing to find an intelligent patient seeking relief a second time, for a trouble of which he has once been cured by suggestion." As stated before, we receive all Impressions or suggestions through the senses, and these impressions may unconsciously interfere with or assist bodily functions; for instance, the sight of a horrible accident or a disgusting scene will frequently retard digestion, or nausea may result.
A disgusting sight or uninviting looking food may lnstantly remove a splendid appetite.
Pleasant scenes and bright faces, the sight of good food, etc., will remove unpleasant thoughts, make one feel happy, and stimulate appetite and digestion.
The sight of a delicacy causes the saliva to flow.
Through the sense of hearing, news may be received w...

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