A dictionary of English etymology Volume 1

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1862 Excerpt: ...and, secondarily, to contend with another.
The mere opinions of Brantome upon etymological questions are not entitled to much consideration, but it is worth noting that he derives brigand from brigandine, the designation of the soldier from that of his armor: Los uns so sont appelles brigands, & cause des brigandines et armes dont ils e"toient arme"a et cndosse's.--Des Homraes, 2"" I'artie, Premier Uiscours, De tous nos Couronnels, etc.
This derivation receives some support from the fact that in the Middle Ages troops were most commonly known by the name of their arms offensive or defensive; thus, arquebusier, archer, baletrier, mousquelier, lanzknecht, piquier, etc.--M.
bairhts, clear, manifest; Icel.
biartr, AS.
beorht, bright; bearhtm, breehtm, bryhtm, a glittering, twinkling, moment.
bracht, clang, sound, noise.--Schmeller.
praht, pracht, clear sound, outcry, tumult, and, at a later period, splendour.
The E.
bright itself was formerly applied to sounds.
Heo--song Bo echillc and so brihte That far and ner me hit iherde.--Owl and Nightingale, 1654.
The seolfe coc that wel can figte He mot mid me holde mid rijto For both we habbeth stevene fcrijte.
In like manner the G.
prahlen signifies in the first instance to speak with a loud voice, to cry, and secondly, to glitter, to shine.--Adelung.
The origin of both these words is the imitative root brag, brak, representing a sudden noise.
bragen, bragen, briegen, to cry--Schmid; OE.
bray, braid.
The phenomena from whence all representative words are immediately taken, must of course belong to the class which addresses itself to the ear, and we find accordingly that the words expressing attributes of light are commonly derived from those...

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