Scottish tragic ballads [ed. by J. Pinkerton.].

Press: (May 11, 2012)
Author Name:Ballads, Scottish Tragic


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1781 Excerpt: ...deir, She was baith jimp and fma, 'O row me in a pair o sheits, 'And tow me owr the wa.' 85 They rowd her in a pair o iheits, And towd her our the wa, But on the point o Gordon's speir, she gat a deidly fa.
O bonnie 0 bonnie bonnie was her mouth, And chirry were her cheiks; And cleir cleir was her yellow hair, Wharon the red bluid dreips! Than wi his speir he turnd her owr--O gin her face was wan! Quoth he," ye are the first that eir, "I wishd alive again." He turnd her our and our again--O gin her skin was white! "I micht ha spair'd that bonny face "To hae been sum mans delyte.
"Bulk and bown, my mirry men a, ' For ill doom I do guess: "I canna Iuik on that bonnie face, "As it lyes on the grafs." Wha luik to freits, my master deir, 'Freits will ay follow them: 1 Let it neir be laid, Adam o Gordon 'Was daunted by a dame.' But whan the lady faw the fire Cum flaming our her heid, She weip'd, and kist her children twain; '4 My bairns we been but deid." The Gordon than his bugil blew, And faid, 'Awa, awa: Sen Towie House is a in a flame, 'I hauld it time to ga.' O than bespied her ain deir lord, As he cam owr the lee; He faw his castle a in a blaze Sae far as he cold fee.
Then fair, O fair, his mind misgave, And a his heart was wae; 'Put on, put on, my wichty men, ' Sae fast as ye can gae.
"Put on, put on, my wichty men, ' Sae fast as ye can drie; "He that is hindmost o the thrang "Sall neir get gude o me." Than sum they rode, and sum they ran Fu fast owtowr the bent, But eir the formost could win up Baith lady and babes were brent.-He wrang his hands, he rent his hair, And weipt in teinfu mude: "Ah traitors, for this cruel deid "Ye fall weip tcirs o bluid!" And after the Gordo...

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