The Money Tracking Machine

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Press: Financial Services Company (January 12, 2011)
Publication Date:2011-1
Author Name:Bendavid, Meyer Joel


THE MONEY TRACKING MACHINE  Everyone knows that you should buy stock or mutual funds when prices are low and sell when prices are high, but don’t know what to do, or when to do that. 
When you hear people talking about securities it is confusing.
Did you “shut off” and forget about protecting your investments from loss? Did you lose money in the stock market? You are probably thinking your money came back, but you actually lost three ways.
You lost your money 2.
You lost against inflation 3.
You lost the most important thing, and that is the time it takes to get your money back.
Did you know that all it takes is 20 seconds a day to protect yourr money from loss? As you get older, losses to your savings or retirement plan becomes more crucial.
It takes a long time to recover lost money, and in the meanwhile your lifestyle could change for the worst.
This book is definitely for you and is perfect for an 8th grader.


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