For All We Know

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Press: PathBinder Publishing, LLC (June 28, 2010)
Publication Date:2010-6
Author Name:Williams, Colin


The year is 1979, and the United States has made the final reparations payment to Nazi Germany by granting the Third Reich full sovereignty over the Virgin Islands. 
Although their forces have been withdrawn from the West Coast, the enforcement of the terms of the Allies' surrender to Imperial Japan will continue to stunt the economic growth of the remaining democracies-the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand-until 1999.
These are the realities of life that the postwar generation has accepted because it has no other choice.
Then one morning in May it all beings to change.
Lured by a brief article in The Washington Post, Dr.
Ted Mattox, a thirty-nine year old college professor, willingly risks his life in the hope that he might have the chance to alter history.
His entire scholarly career has been consumed with trying to discover the fate of Klause von Richter, an eccentric Austrian physicist, who claimed to have conquered time travel.
The plans for the Time Tunnel vanished in the possession of a British agent, Katherine Bowen, the night von Richter died in the summer of 1939.
In a bizarre turn of events, Dr.
Mattox rescues the lovely spy as she leaves her time and enters his.
Determined to change the future they form a partnership to outwit a host of Nazi agents and assassins.
They fall in love, and yet they are willing to hazard their own happiness to fashion a hopefully better world.


Romance,Time Travel,Action & Adventure,Literature & Fiction,Action & Adventure,Romance

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  •     Colin Williams has created a wonderful historical mystery that would be very satisfying by itself to the reader but he goes a giant step further to reveal a beautiful love story. This is the type of romance that leaves the reader wanting to know where it will go and where it will end. It is a most unusual love story with multiple future possibilities and possible endings. "For All We Know" begs for a sequel. The story is fascinating as far as it goes in this work but the reader will be left with the desire for the story's time line to continue. The characters are believable and fascinating. The reader will develop very warm feelings toward the young lovers and will be concerned for their ultimate survival while also concerned for the survival of life as we know it. I eagerly await a sequel.M. Ernest Marshall, M.D.

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