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Press: HighBridge Audio; Abridged edition (March 1, 2001)
Author Name:Carlin, George; Carlin, George; Carlin, George


He's the inventor of Past-Tense TV (featuring "Got Smart," "Father Knew Best," and "It Was Left to Beaver"); the tireless crusader for such charities as the Center for Research into the Heebie Jeebies, Children of Parents with Bad Teeth, and the State Hospital for Those Who Felt All Right About a Year Ago; founder of the George Carlin Book Club (top titles: "How to Act Laid-Back During a Grease Fire," "Fill Your Life with Croutons," and "The Meaning of Corn"); and the only social commentator with the guts to point out that "the day after tomorrow is the third day of the rest of your life."Yes, George Carlin is back with more of what he does better than any other comic today: uproarious observations, laser-targeted crankiness, linguistic legerdemain, and inspired weirdness. 
("If the shoe fits, get another just like it." "When you sneeze, all the numbers in your head go up by one.") Napalm & Silly Putty is just what his fans have been waiting for-another generous helping of notions, nonsense, assertions, assumptions, mockery, merriment, silliness, sarcasm, and, to be sure, plenty of disturbing references and toxic alienation.
George wouldn't have it any other way.

From Publishers Weekly

Politically incorrect comic and Grammy winner Carlin has shown no signs of burnout during a four-decade career arc as solo stand-up, TV writer and sitcom actor (That Girl; The George Carlin Show), with 18 hit recordings and 10 solo HBO specials, plus film roles (Dogma; The Prince of Tides). 
Living in L.A.
and Vegas, he continues to take his act to stages across the country.
Four years ago, Carlin's huge fan following kept his Brain Droppings on the New York Times bestseller list for 40 weeks, so it's no surprise he's back for another round of acrid and oblique observations on modern mores.
He covers a wide range of issues from rape and religion to the homeless: "There's no war on homelessness...
it's because there's no money in it." And any topic is fair game: abortion, airport security, cars, funerals, language, organ donors, sports, technology, TV and war.
On the latter, he says, "Men, insecure about the size of their penises, choose to kill one another." Over 100 scintillating short pieces are interrupted by loony lists and hundreds of clever one-liners.
The fragmented format and colloquial style of writing suggest that much of this laugh-out-loud book is drawn directly from Carlin's stage act.
Several satires here ("A day in the life of Henry VIII," a nine-page interview with Jesus, an avant-garde play program) indicate a different direction Carlin might consider for future books.
(May 1)Forecast: HighBridge's abridged audiocassette and CD might lead some to peruse the book, which splashes in the wake of a massive Carlin retrospective ("From Class Clown to Social Critic") two months ago at the Museum of Television & Radio (N.Y./L.A.).
With a 10-city author tour and national publicity, sales could equal those of Brain Droppings (700,000 copies).Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information, Inc.

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From Library Journal

The venerable iconoclast Carlin scores again with this  collection of anecdotes and barbs. 
Sometimes juvenile, often curmudgeonly, Carlin is best when he goes to the edge.
When he takes on air travel, he's mildly humorous; when he compares cats and dogs, he's fairly funny.
Those are just warmups, however, for his attacks on sacred cows.
The war on drugs, he asserts, would better be called "the war on the Constitution." As for kids, he states, "Your children are overrated and overvalued." He decries the loss of hazardous toys: "Whatever happened to natural selection?" He even argues for taxing churches and calls cemeteries a waste of valuable land.
As he says, "If honesty were introduced into American life, everything would collapse." While the book is a print best seller, Carlin's inimitable raspy delivery lifts the tape to another level.
Note that there is regular, though hardly inappropriate, vulgarity.
For all humor collections.
Norman Oder, "Library Journal" Copyright 2001 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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From Booklist

Some of the observations in Carlin's new collection are amusing or insightful, but it is hard to keep the rapier wit sharp and the mots bon over such a long career. 
Compare Carlin's run with the Marx Brothers' shorter and funnier one.
Their early shows are hot, but the later ones \xc9 after a while, you get stale.
OK, there are hilarious send-ups here but also clinkers such as, "I'm curious.
What precisely is Zsa Zsa Gabor's job title?" Whah? And that particular lead balloon primes us for the suggestion that other areas of showbiz would profit if their denizens made like the rappers and offed one another.
"Julie Andrews putting rat poison in Liza Minnelli's triple vodka" and Little Richard Simmons and Louie Anderson grabbing Rosie O'Donnell and choking her to death--"It's just fun to think about, isn't it?" Anything you say, George.
Fans may still love a lot of what's here, and the casually interested might find enough to enjoy, but, as always with Carlin, watch out for the occasional scatological excursion and other four-letter-word activities.
Mike TribbyCopyright © American Library Association.
All rights reserved

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"Over 100 scintillating short pieces . 
interrupted by loony lists and hundreds of clever one-liners .
[a] laugh out loud book." -- Publishers Weekly starred review"The cranky comic's jackhammer attack is at full blast in his new book." -- USA Today

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About the Author

Coming soon...

From AudioFile

Crusty George Carlin performs his own book of random musings on contemporary life. 
That the print version has hit the bestseller lists warms the flinty hearts of us pessimists and skeptics who have feared the goody-goodies had gained the upper hand.
As always, he is perceptive, iconoclastic, and very, very funny.
His humor derives from a wry common sense and an absurt way of expressing the absurdity of the human condition.
Lacking a live audience, the stand-up comic's timing and energy seem forced.
Otherwise, this is a more than satisfactory production of one of the most satisfying books of humor to come along in a decade.
© AudioFile 2001, Portland, Maine-- Copyright © AudioFile, Portland, Maine

--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.


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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     Long live the comedic lifestyle of George Carlin.
  •     I love the comedy and acid wit of George Carlin, I always have, and I always will. So this book was a bit disappointing to me, because so much of it is just his old routines written down in book form. In one sense, it's fun - as I read along, his voice plays along in my head, recreating the memorable pieces in my mental VCR. But serious Carlin fans already know the majority of material in this book.If you're looking for new material, you'll have to look pretty hard. There isn't much, and where there is, it's mostly in the form of his "Short Takes" sections dispersed throughout the book - sections that are comprised of one liners. There's lots of great stuff, don't get me wrong, but this book seems like it was conceived in some executive's mind as a way to make some more cash. It's the book equivalent of a sitcom clip show - very little new material passed off as otherwise.
  •     The first time I learned about George Carlin must have been some 30-35 years ago; being Mexican, it adds up, since I don't know one single person among my friends and acquaintances in my country, who has seen, read and enjoyed this human being and comedian...In all, the material one finds in "Napalm & Silly Putty" is the closest to being at one of his live presentations.R. R. Solorzano
  •     pretty funny but as i stated in my review for brain droppings alot of the same stuff is in each book
  •     Love his humor
  •     I'm a George Carlin fan even tho he is a screaming liberal. The book is just OK IMHO. That coming from a fan.
  •     Good book and prompt service
  •     I miss George
  •     I don't get his humir
  •     gifts all
  •     Carlin fans will find most of the material in this book familiar as it is also seen in his stand-up (which is okay, most comedians do that).The nice things about the book is that its written in a variety of styles and in short it makes for an easy pick it up and read a bit anytime.(but that also means nothing may grab you to finish the entire book quickly) There are no real chapters nor table of contents and the subject matter changes frequently (even aside from the breaks of "short takes" which are much like his "Brain Droppings" one sentence observations)Some of the material is thought provoking, some of it is just silly. Some of it is just thrown out there to see what bites and move on. You will find yourself laughing aloud, especially when caught off guard by an absurd "short take".To appreciate the humor, I also found it helpful to really have Carlin's voice and delivery style in your head (watch a recent HBO special to get familiar with it). Without that definite "Carlin" rythm, you may miss the pure comedy to the writing.Overall, you will find this smart comedy and although some of it seems quickly assembled, it does contain purpose and thought.A word of warning: For those not familiar with Mr.Carlin, there is a fair share of obscene language, religious satire, and other possibly offensive subject matter. With that all said, enjoy!
  •     Awesome
  •     Blast from the past...and way ahead of its time!! :)
  •     From a fan of Mr Carlin... I like some of the pithy aphorisms here. This one needed some editing. For example, the bit about not needing to wash hands after using the bathroom was a bit much. Perhaps senility sets in? Other than the few low points, though, the book does have some merit.
  •     Napalm & Silly Putty Hardcover – April 24, 2001George Carlin is a hoot. I keep this around the coffee table. Many pick it up and look at it for a while, for a laugh. Sometimes it takes only a few moments and they laugh. Sometimes longer before they get the gist of what it is, they just got handed to them about a topic that is so obvious, after George would let you in on the humor of his mind's view of what he sees. I miss having him around. I hope he is well now, floating around the universe wise cracking on all that is out there.
  •     The Carlin completest is going to want this. However it should be noted that a high percentage of the material has appeared already in some form in his various comedy albums and specials (I haven't actually measured, but it's more than was the case with "Brain Droppings.") It's still great to hear him say the words, even if they're familiar.
  •     Carlin......nuff said
  •     good job

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