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Press:John Wiley & Sons Ltd John Wiley & Sons Ltd; 10th Edition edition (2010)
Publication Date:2010-4-16
Author Name:Craig B. Fryhle T. W. Graham Solomons


The Tenth Edition of Organic Chemistry continues Solomons/Fryhle's tradition of excellence in teaching and preparing students for success in the organic classroom and beyond. 
In the Tenth Edition, virtually every aspect of the teaching and learning solution has been revisited and redesigned to assist students in comprehending the fundamentals of organic chemistry.
The authors' thoroughly explain and illustrate each new idea when it is first introduced and then reinforce the new idea or concept by having students work related problems.


Science & Math,Chemistry,General & Reference,Mathematics

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Comment List (Total:16)

  •     I know its used so I wasn't expecting a new looking book but it came in the worst possible condition ever!!! It was falling a part and had tape surrounding it . I wanted to return it but I really needed the book and couldn't wait any longer.
  •     It's an organic chemistry book. If you're buying this, your prof probably requires it anyways, so there can't be too much debate here. Explains concepts fairly well, I found that I was able to think about O-chem more process wise than flat memorizing, which I heavily prefer. This probably won't be your favorite thing in the universe, but if you're going to have to learn the subject matter, might as well learn it right. LEARN THE LOGIC, DON'T JUST MEMORIZE
  •     Discount price for an expensive book? come on man, I like it.Great book for those science majors. recommend it
  •     Everything was good....
  •     The book's condition is as same as the description describes. Better than I expected.
  •     Great condition of the book.
  •     Excellent condition
  •     Ok
  •     Book was in much better condition than I expected!
  •     This textbook is not very clear in explaining ideas and concepts. I already have a B.S in Geology and an MBA so it's not like I'm uneducated but I found this book very dry and hard to read. If you have a choice in books pick up Klein's textbook and his Organic Chemistry as a Second Language books instead. I spent the money and bought Klein's textbook as well just so I can understand the concepts and pass the class. One note, my teacher for this class just goes through slides and doesn't explain much so I have to rely on the textbook to learn the concepts. Perhaps with the right teacher this book could be useful but a poor teacher and this textbook are a bad combination.
  •     I am very disappointed that the product was advertised as the book, when what I received in the mail was a solutions manual for the 10th edition.
  •     text book worked fine
  •     This text does a phenomenal job at display and conveying ideas.It is easy to grasp and covers a wide range of problems and references within the book.If you read this text you will have a very fundamental understanding of ochem.I recommend this text along with the study guide student solutions manual.
  •     This textbook is written in what I found to be a very accessible (and dare I say enjoyable) register. I read it quite religiously throughout the course of my two-semester organic chemistry course. I found the chapter summaries (found at the end of each chapter) to be especially useful. These summaries provide a concise overview of reactivities, reactions, functional group properties, etc.I was also happy to find that Solomons peppers the work with references to real world applications of reactions and functional groups. I especially appreciated the occasional references to flavor chemistries, which appear, for example, in the chapter about esters.
  •     I found the McMurry Organic Chemistry to be better organized and the material better presented.This book has some good explanations, but kind of jumps around. If I hadn't already read some of the sections in the McMurry book I'd have had trouble learning from this book. But buying a used copy for a low price and using it as a supplement is worthwhile.
  •     Super fast shipping! Love it. Thank you.

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