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Press: Jeffery W Turner (October 1, 2009)
Publication Date:2009-10
Author Name:Turner, Jeffery W.


Young adults are not the only ones that fall in love and get married. 
People in their middle age do that too.
This book is the story of one such couple as told by the "notes" written by the husband to his wife.
These notes are not just love notes but also tell the tale of how life tests people and how its events sometimes feel overwhelming.
They also show how couples do get through difficult times and proceed on through their lives, not knowing to what destination many times.
If you sometimes wonder if you are the only one over 40 with a difficult adult child, a conflict at work, or something else trying your patience, you are not alone.
You will also know that life is also good, and sometimes filled with hope and love.
Even for a brief time.
These tales of life's events and stories that we all share are contained in these pages, these "notes to Stephanie".


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  •     Not often do I come across a book that actually makes me want to write real letters. However, after reading this wonderful set of notes and letters, I claim to be inspired. Not often do we really write to the ones we love anymore. The world is just full of texts and short little email messages. This author made me actually want to write something to my lover and best friend.Now here is the rub. What do I write about?Well, I can just spin through this book and re-read one of his letters and let his subject matter inspire me to write about something similar or allow what I just read to get me thinking about something personal in our lives that needs to be expressed. So, thank you Mr. Turner for sharing your adventure with us. I am now ready to really start writing about something that matters in our lives and share it with her in more than just a few words.By the way, being a guy, I never really thought I would sit and read something like this. I am glad I did.
  •     I have read other things from this author and have always believed that he is a gifted writer. Very enjoyable and entertaining way with words.
  •     This book reminds me a bit of the days when I would gaze at the sky and wonder about life. It is an unusual work - not a novel but a journal of sorts. It is a chronological compilation of love and life notes from the middle-aged author to his sweetheart, then wife, over a period of two and a half years.The beginning notes are filled with the upbeat enthusiasm of newly infatuated love. Throughout the collection there are encouraging observations on life and family, observing both the ups and downs. There is star gazing and rainbow dreaming. Like life, it isn't all hearts and flowers as there are times of stress and "fussing" as the author calls the friction going on at times in the family relationships.Although the details are not discussed, the letters make it clear that the (mostly) grown children were not thrilled by the marriage between their parents. This of course creates a source of stress and sadness. Also job stresses, holiday stresses and resulting tensions are commented on.I want to share some titles and summaries to give you a small idea of the depth of the notes and the empathy and pathos they can evoke.In April 2007 a note is entitled "Beads." The author compares life to a string of beads sort of like "life is like a box of chocolates." He points out that beads are all different sizes and quality; some are flawed and some beautiful. Each of us has our own unique strand of beads that we choose to wear as our life experiences.In March 2007 there is an entry entitled "Our Dance Step." The title itself brings a picture to mind. The author discusses the couple learning to dance the two-step for an event. Then he likens that to how they are learning their "own dance step" in their new marriage together.The January 19, 2009 note is entitled "The Other Side of the Sky." The author comments on the sadness of his daughter when they visit her at college. As they drive away he observes the cloud layer and notes that our lives are like the cloud cover and "the past is always on the other side of life's sky, not ever to be the same again."Some of the later notes have a bit more cynicism and almost depressed tone to them. It seems apparent that the author is struggling with difficult times. The book comes to a rather sudden end and I was sorry to close it.I liked reading a few days at a time, soaking up the exuberance and joy or the questioning and observations of life's cycles and struggles. If you enjoy contemplating life, even as seen through the eyes of another family, I think you would enjoy this unique and lovely book.
  •     Jeff Turner is an excellent wordsmith and leaves you wanting more with each page. I have read several of Jeff's works and really enjoy his gentle yet meaningful prose. Totally recommend this book and all of Jeff's work. (My work by Jeff Bacot is available here as well, but I would have written this review anyway. :-)
  •     A beautiful work that elevates everyday events into an altered reality, almost a wonderland. My personal favorite Note (but really poem) is Turner's vividly named, "The Ebb And Flow Of Life". This work incapsulates experiences shared by many parents as they attempt to guide their children through narrower and more difficult straits:"This rise and fall of waters that is sometimes rough pulls at our heart strings and tugs at our very being. If we did not feel these things we would not care for our common brood. But we do feel these things and thus we know we love our kids and feel for them, especially when some of them are hurting due to worrisome and negative forces besieging them that are outside of our household and our direct control. And are certainly not within their power to directly influence in some cases either.(...) Our four kids will hopefully realize these truths as they mature and they themselves one day get to the same stage of life as we now find ourselves in. Thus, life will also ebb and flow for them too. The tides of their own life oceans will find their way as it has ultimately with ours."Turner is a genuine wordsmith whose collection of notes transcend individuals and generations. When he writes, he is truly speaking to something more true and deeper within all of us.
  •     The book is easy reading and keeps your attention. Its style makes it easy to turn to any page and read the short email message oftentimes with its philosophical thoughts for the day.I believe those who have been married more than once will relate easily to some of Jeff's messages. Challenges such as children (mine, yours, and ours)...the holidays...finding time together...often affect the day to day relationship.

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