Apps for Autism: An Essential Guide to Over 200 Effective Apps for Improving Communication, Behavior, Social Skills, and More!

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Press: Future Horizons; 1 New edition (October 31, 2011)
Publication Date:2012-1
Author Name:Brady, Lois Jean


Autism? There’s an app for that!

About the Author

Lois Brady, M.A., CCC-SLP, is passionate about working with the special needs community. 
She found her calling while in high school, when she spent her summer breaks volunteering in camp programs for children with special needs.
Lois has over two decades of experience working as a Speech Language Pathologist specializing in autism spectrum disorders.
She has earned a Master's degree in Speech-Language Pathology, Certificate in Assistive Technology, Certificate in Computer Based Intervention, and has completed an animal-assisted therapy program.
Lois coauthored the book "Speech in Action," featuring approaches that combine occupational therapy, adaptive physical education, and speech-language pathology, and is currently conducting research in communication disorders and developing products (apps) to enhance communication and language.


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Comment List (Total:17)

  •     Apps for Autism has produced dramatic and positive results in my family; Lois Jean Brady achieved this effect by demonstrating how communication, behaviour, social skills etc are all fundamental components that COMPLETE the special needs child. The relationship between form and contents of these apps are as practical as could be. I tried a new app and I got a response that I did not expect which is an excellent remedy for repetitiveness, boredom and routine from the app already programmed on the iPad or any other augmentative communication device. My trying a new app when the need arises is a conceptual challenge and works miracles. This book is a must have and I highly recommend it to all in the special needs community. Thank you Jeani and keep fighting the good fight.most respectfully,Kate
  •     I've worked with autistic students for over 20 years and at last there's a manual that I can go to and access programs (apps) to use for specific age and skill levels. In my district the IPad is just beginning to be used on a large scale so parents are ahead of staff on Ipad usage. Lois Brady's book gives me apps that students catch onto quickly and that I can share with parents that actually work with very little trial.Thanks for doing the leg work for us Lois! (Smile)
  •     It is disappointing that some of the apps recommended in this book don't offer the support or evidence behind what they do. There are new and better apps everyday, therefore to make an accurate book you would have to create new editions every month. Be educated and research apps that you choose.
  •     A nice size book filled with many useful apps.Put into 32 chapters ranging from "Voice Output" to "Eating Gluten Free."More information which would be useful is to know which device to use for each app.The book was delivered in good condition and when scheduled to arrive.
  •     I was already aware of most of the apps in the book. I feel there could have been more apps listed as well.
  •     There are new apps not included that should be consider such as tap to talkGood analysis of The apps, split by needThanks
  •     The book was very informative. However, given the fact that it is simply reviewing software apps and the book is an e-book, it should have sold for no more than 8 dollars.
  •     The author presented a very good review of available software for the use of Autism effected patients.
  •     All this is is a brief description of apps. One can easily create it yourself with info from the web.
  •     For me, one of the most difficult challenges in finding suitable apps is the fact that there are simply so many to wade through that it becomes a very time consuming process to find the apps that are of real quality and that actually work. This book solves that problem because the author has done a great job of really finding and assessing apps. The recommendations are spot on. Not only is this book a great time saver, you can find apps that you didn't even realize existed all in one place. I highly recommend Apps for Autism!
  •     I got this book 2 days ago so I really haven't had a lot of time to read into it but so far so good
  •     Great
  •     This book is terrific. Lots of great ideas and resources. Attractive lay out and very well organized. A great book to buy if you don't have an iPad and you 're wondering what sorts of things you will be able to do.
  •     The focus of this book had all good intentions. Even after reading the previous reviews (more positive than negative) I went ahead and purchased it. As a mother of a14 year old autistic son and one who works in a special needs' preschool classroom, I wanted to get some help on how to use our newly purchased IPad for my son and share some info with my Speech path. Professionals I work with. I enjoyed the intro with tidbits on how technology is helping the special needs community and how Apple products really have a place in our schools, homes and work places. This info made me smile and reaffirmed that my husband and I had made a good decision by investing in this technogy for our son and for the family. What the book didn't do was give enough details on an app, didn't review the apps in a consistent fashion and frankly missed the mark for the older Autistic individual. If you are looking at purchasing this book for a teen-adult, relatively high functioning don't bother. I'm returning my book and reaching out to my son's speech/social skills therapist. She has new educational apps come to her each day to review. I have to agree with one other reviewer who mentioned the book just can't keep up with the changing technology. The author and collaborators would be better off making this info available as a downloadable book that can be updated frequently and could be purchased at a much, much lower price.
  •     This book is a wonderful resource for therapists, teachers and parents who are trying to navigate the new and developing world of internet applications. I have found this book to be very helpful when trying to decide what apps are best suited for specific students of mine. The book is well organized and easy to read. I recommend this book wholeheartedly.
  •     A great resource for anyone with an autistic kid who loves his ipad. I've found some great apps at decent prices and he loves all of them.
  •     While I somewhat agree with the "negative" aspect of print books not keeping up with technology, new apps coming out each day...

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