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Press: Tate Publishing (October 25, 2011)
Author Name:Waddington, A. L.


Our minds often wander, but can our souls?   In 2009, Jocelyn Timmons enjoys the daily routine of high school, volleyball practice, and hanging out with friends. 
When neighbors move in across the street and she is introduced to Jackson, it's hard not to be attracted to his brilliant green eyes; but as soon as Jocelyn gets near him, something strange happens, and she instantly experiences bouts of nausea and dizziness.
Then the visions start.
Visions of another life, another world, where she feels trapped by the restrictions of her old-fashioned society and dreams of the freedom to choose her own path.
They're short and blurry at first, but soon they evolve, and Jocelyn finds herself questioning what is real.


Romance,Time Travel

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Comment List (Total:17)

  •     I kept reading this book waiting for it to grab a hold of my interest but it didn't happen until the last few pages. The dynamic between the two main characters was good but this just went on for too long before it got somewhere.
  •     This book needs a serious editor. Before I continue, I want to say that I'm not a grammar freak. I rarely notice grammatical errors. So, when I say it needs an editor, it's not about the grammar. There are so many misused words in this book, it drove me insane. The problem is, when you use the wrong word, but it's spelled correctly, then spelling/grammar check isn't going to pick up on it. Little things like form instead of from, pray instead of play, that kind of stuff, is distracting. Having a book professionally edited can help pick up on those things.Okay, I lied, there is a grammar problem too. It's the use of tenses. This book is written in first person present tense. However, frequently the author throws in a past tense in the middle of present tenses, which also drove me a bit crazy. Choose one and stick with it. It's distracting!I also didn't appreciate the level of detail provided by the author. Too much description is just as bad as not enough. I don't need to know what each part of lunch consists of unless it's a relevant part of the story. The same thing applies to hair and eye color of every person she meets, even those only mention in passing. The clothing descriptions made me wonder if this was supposed to be a prep for a fashion magazine. Simply put, it's okay to say, we had dinner and discussed my college choices, without describing the pot roast with all the trimmings, the type of drinks and how many grains are in the bread.The book also dates itself by trying to mention too much of pop culture from the time. I think for future books the author should consider no mentioning specific pop culture references, such as the New Moon movie coming out in a few weeks. The only reason for this is that being more general allows for a more diverse audience (For example, in five years, do you still want this book to seem relevant to the target audience? If so, then don't mention something that's popular in 2009, it isn't going to matter much for 2016 or in 2020).There is a major disconnect for me when it comes to Jackson and Jocelyn. Their inability to touch (not a spoiler, it was in the description of the book) is interesting but never explained. ****Warning Minor Spoiler Ahead inside of the asterisks!!! My biggest problem is that despite the serious injuries that occurred each time he got too close, he was always careless and touching her. I don't get that. If not for the intervention of his father, she would have died at the last incident. It doesn't make sense for someone whose supposed to be so caring and conscientious to be so careless and thoughtless.****Lastly, in the negative column, is the verbiage. I think it's funny that a character specifically mentions how formally someone else speaks when all the writing has them speaking super formal. Occasionally the author seems to realize this and tried to add in "I'm doin somthin" (okay, for example, not an exact quote) in an effort to break it up. Unfortunately, it didn't work. For the most part, these teens sound like they belong in 1896 rather than 2009.This doesn't mean that the book doesn't have promise. Despite all of its shortcomings, I found myself wanting to continue to read to learn exactly what was going on. The premise was intriguing, although a bit convoluted I found Jackson to actually be a bit of a tool, but loved his family dynamic. Jocelyn is quite likeable and it's easy to understand why she hid the things she did. I like the friendships she has and how they handled disloyalty in their groups.This book was being offered for free, which is why I picked it up. While I'm curious about the rest of the series, I won't buy them. At the end of book one, there is a "glimpse" of book two. Right away, I found the same problems from the first book, including, "I was determined not to break down in from of him." Yes, from is correct, that's what it says. If the book were $.99, I would probably pick it up, but I can purchase a Stephen King book on Kindle for $5, and it's professionally edited. If, at some point, the author offers further books on Kindle Unlimited, for free or for 99 cents, I'll read on. However, as it currently stands, I'd rather read something that's not going to frustrate me, especially if I'm paying for it!
  •     Love this storyline. It sucked me in from word one. Brilliantly written. I felt as if I was living alongside the characters. Can't wait to read the next book!
  •     OMG. What I have just read? I didn't expect to story to be so good! The book pools you in pretty quickly and you can't wait to know what will happen next.
  •     This was almost like two stories in one. Both equally entertaining. We see two versions of Jocelyn. They are both very similar, but different... if that makes sense.
  •     In 2009 Jocelyn is an ordinary teenager going to school, hanging out with her friends and playing volleyball. She then starts remembering a life set in 1878.
  •     3.5 Stars ****Book review by Nicole McCurdyFor me, this was a bit of a hard book to digest. I read it. Mulled it over. Went back and re-read passages.
  •     A great YA novel that offers a great start to a series!!! I love this book and the authors unique style.
  •     I hate saying negative things about any book. I have a great respect for anyone capable of writing a novel. However, I just could not find anything I liked in this one.
  •     I couldn't stop reading this really good story! The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is some of the grammar is too stilted. Otherwise, it would definitely get 5 stars---just a pet peeve on my part. Read Jocelyn's story, and get ready for a new dimension!
  •     Jocelyn Timmons does not believe she is anything special — just an ordinary high school senior, living an ordinary life full of school-work, volleyball and friends.
  •     This book had a really interesting concept of quasi time travel. simultaneously living in two eras.
  •     While reading this book I found at least 13 grammatical errors. "Too" instead of "to" was used a couple times. "Discreet" was spelled "discrete." The constant errors made me feel like this book wasn't written very professionally and the editors did a bad job of correcting these mistakes. However the storyline was intriguing and I enjoyed this book. I loved the concept of having parallel lives and the romance between Jackson and Jocelyn.
  •     The synopsis of this book gives you a great idea of what its about. Even still, I made a huge mistake in how I believed this book would be….and how it would turn out (no spoilers so I will stop there). For this reason and so many more, I really recommend Essence (The EVE Series). A.L Waddington is an exceptional storyteller and uses strong character development to attach the readers to the characters. This is not science-fiction, more like historical paranormal/fantasy (still scratching my head as to why I was so convinced it was sci-fi when I started reading).Essence is a first-person account of the life (lives?) of Joselyn Timmons. She is a high school senior who isn’t looking for a boyfriend when the beautiful Jackson moves in across the street. Jackson is a dark haired, green-eyed, charmer who also happens to have a mean pair of hands at the wide receiver position. He moves in and captures the attention of everyone in school. I pictured Jackson as an Ian Somerhalder type (but a bit taller). The one subjective criticism of the book I had was Jackson. He was just too perfect for me. I like my characters a little more flawed and damaged. However, I believe 99% of readers of the book will LOVE Jackson (so I’m just a little weird like that).Jackson takes an immediate interest in Joselyn. Joselyn also feels some sort of familiarity with Jackson she can’t explain. When he is near her, she feels dizzy, and even faints on a few occasions (which intrigues Jackson). That’s really all that can be explained in this book without spoilers. I will say this, you start getting an understanding of what’s going on within a few chapters…just not how it will play out. This book will appeal to young adults, new adult, paranormal, fantasy, and women’s contemporary fiction enthusiasts. Give it a read! You will enjoy it.
  •     The story line was good. It has that re-incarnation-like past life message to it. I liked the past story line best.
  •     This is a very different take on the usual high school romance. For a start, Jocelyn can't be near Jackson without getting very ill.
  •     Jocelyn Timmons is your average teenager, she doesn't think she is any different than anyone else. When her new neighbor, Jackson Chandler moves in Jocelyn is intrigued but her...

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