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Press: Arcturus; Spi edition (August 12, 2011)
Author Name:Arcturus


Logic puzzles offer an enjoyable way of exercising those little grey cells. 
If you pride yourself on attention to detail and the ability to think your way around problems, this compilation of over 300 classic logic puzzles will not disappoint.Ultimate Logic Puzzles is perfect for long car rides or hours on a plane with its oversized, spiral-bound format and easy-to-read print.
This book of brain teasers provides hours of smart and challenging entertainment and makes an ideal gift for fans of problem solving and puzzles.
Each puzzle contains a new scenario and a few clues for solving the corresponding logic grid.Here are the first puzzle’s question and clues, which are followed by the logic grid:Sailing ByThe picture below shows four leading vessels in a single-handed yacht race, which are approaching the finishing line.
Can you match the position (A to D) of each yacht to the name of the man sailing it, together with his age and usual job when not sailing?1.
The yacht being sailed by Lenny (who isn’t the bus driver) is further ahead in the race than Kevin’s.2.
Kevin’s yacht is further ahead in the race than Eric’s.
Eric is a surgeon and is the youngest of the four yachtsmen.3.
The 48-year-old’s vessel is one place further ahead in the race than that being sailed by the plumber.4.
The vessel sailed by the electrician is next to and between Ricky’s yacht and that being sailed by the 47-year-old man.


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Comment List (Total:9)

  •     I am usually a wiz when it comes to logic puzzles, but this book isn't easy. I actually wish i didn't buy this book. The wording is more difficult than other books. Yes the clues are intended to make you think but some of the clues are worded poorly. The book also doesn't have levels of difficulty. So if you want a book will gradually build up to more difficult levels than this isn't the book for you.
  •     I love the spiral binding on this book and the nice paper (all puzzle books should be like this). I also love just how many puzzles there are--nearly 400!My only complaint is that the puzzles are 3x3-4x4 and tend to get a but redundant.
  •     This book is well worth the cost and more. If you love grid type logic puzzles you'll love this one. It has puzzles for all levels.
  •     Could not find this type of logic puzzles locally. I do really enjoy doing these kind of puzzles. So happy to have found them here.
  •     I was introducte to this type of puzzle by a friend a long time ago and tried to find them at stores in town. They usually only have word puzzles and sudoku puzzles. Could never find any logic puzzles so I searched Amazon and found some. I love the logic puzzles and am glad I found some. And the prices are not bad either.
  •     Why is this book so expensive? $70. I will continue to look elsewhere, somewhere where I can get a similar item that is not so pricey.
  •     I purchased three different logic puzzle books the same day, two copies of each and they all three were the same exact puzzles, just different covers! Mary
  •     I love logic puzzles so I was excited to see 300 puzzles for only 10 bucks. Each puzzle only has 3-4 clues and not all of them are very helpful so some puzzles are a bit more difficult but mostly possible. The answers are all in the back. Many of the puzzles are only 2 by 2 which makes things a little harder but all in all, it's a good book to kill some time and work your mind.
  •     I am so happy I tried this. A lot of the puzzles are easy but for me that is a good level. I liked the fact that answers are explained in the back of the book, not just a completed grid.

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