Amazing Visual Illusions: Trick Your Mind and Feast Your Eyes

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Press: Arcturus (June 1, 2011)
Publication Date:2011-5
Author Name:Sarcone, Gianni A.; Waeber, Marie-Jo;


Throughout the book, each image is accompanied by an explanation of how it works, the story behind it – when it was discovered or who invented it first – and the details of exactly why it fools the human brain.The book includes many new and previously unpublished illusions, as well as new adaptations of lesser-known illusions. 
It also includes works by well-known illusion artists such as Bridget Riley, Salvador Dalí, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Oscar Reutersvärd, René Magritte, István Orosz and Rob Gonsalves.There are chapters on the following subjects: optical illusions from the real world (mirage, refraction, afterimage), ambiguous figures, impossible figures, color adaptation, moving illusions and paradoxical illusions. 


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  •     I have enjoyed previous books from Sarcone and Waeber and 'Amazing Visual Illusions' is no exception. This book contains a good mix of old and new illusions to help demonstrate various principles of visual phenomena. In the introduction, the authors state that "This book is also intended to communicate the latest discoveries in the field of visual perception in an entertaining way...". To that end, they have certainly succeeded. If you enjoy being perplexed and entertained, I would highly recommend picking up a copy of this book.
  •     I love Optical Illusions and never tire from seeing more or new ones.I was tempted to rate this 5*'s but gave it only 4*'s because of the repeating of illusions from both of these authors and others.If this is your first book,or a first for someone else ,it would certainly be an excellent choice .If you already have several books of illusions,be forewarned there is a lot of rehashing of often published illusions;although there are quite a few new or a different versions of older ones.I have written Reviews on quite a few Optical Illusion Books by the authors of this one and others.Here are just a few;"Dazzling Book Of Optical Illusions" by Sarcone & Waeber June28,2005"Puzzillusions" " " " July 20,2008"New Optical Illusions" " " " July 28,2008"What Are You Looking At?" " " " March 28,2011"Optical Illusions" Al Seckel December 5,2010"Art Of Optical Illusions" " February 26,2005"Masters Of Deceptions " " November 30,2004"Masters of Illusions" Del Preto June 12,2010"Optical Illusions & Puzzles" No Author Given October16,2011 All except the last one are by well known and published in Optical Illusions.If you read my reviews,you will see there is a lot of repetition and rehashing in these books.However;any one is great if it is your first.I would recommend you pass up the last one for the reasons I have given.Now, back to this "latest" by Sarcone&vWeaber.It is beautifully illustrated,goes into a fair amount of how the eye and mind works to produce an Optical Illusion.It gives Credit to the actual creators of many of the classic Illusions.Unless you are totally unfamiliar with Optical Illusions,you'll have seen many before as well as many that are new,but based on the same principle.I'd like to choose a few Illusions out of the collection that impressed me ; First,On page 65 we have a figure constructed with Lego Blocks.It is an example of an "Impossible Object".I have a Grandson who loves Lego and is very adept at creating things with it.I am anxious to show this to him and have him attempt to make it. Second,Hidden Pictures always fascinate me,and this one on page 79,showing Churchill is one of the best I've ever seen.And finally,the classic Tribar impossible object on page 67 is tempting me to construct one in my yard. On second thought,ignore my 4*s, this book really merits 5*'s.
  •     For the price I paid it was satisfactory. Some parts of it were very good, others very ordinary. Overall it is worth occasional perusal, good for quick looks.

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