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Press: Women's Intuition Worldwide; First edition (September 14, 2009)
Publication Date:2009-9
Author Name:Rosetree, Rose


Ever worry that your sensitivity is a curse? Get skills with the system of Empath Empowerment (TM). 
Then you can enjoy your life as never before.
This book gives you an easy 30-day plan.
Read one short chapter, then spend just 10 minutes a day practicing.
But those 10 short minutes will add up to something big.
Wherever you go, and regardless of whom you're with, you can become The Most Important Person in the Room.
People will respect you more.
(And you can actually help them more too, if you wish.) It's the most practical program ever for empaths.
But it's not only helpful for empaths.
This book can make your life better if you're: * A Highly Sensitive Person * Single and hating it * Co-dependent (or recovering from codependency) * Leaving a difficult love relationship * Dealing with a narcissist or bully * Feeling vulnerable to psychic attack * At a stage in your life where you are trying to find yourself Why? Problems like these can be related to your basic sense of self.
And this is a book to strengthen your experience of who you really are.
In this witty, fast-paced book, Rose Rosetree gives you the benefit of what she has learned over the past decade, teaching and giving personal sessions for empaths internationally.

From the Author

The system of Empath Empowerment® can help you enormously. 
This is a unique method -- systematically taught and internationally tested.
And for born empaths like us, it is the ultimate form of New Age Mental and Spiritual Healing.Ever since writing the first book for empaths in English ("Empowered by Empathy") I have worked to refine what Empath Coaching could be.
Please consider that I did this to help YOU, because I'm here to help you to benefit from all that experience.I have created a series of Empath Empowerment® Books to help you to use your full potential as an empath (and a person).
Because we empaths are the ultimate in Highly Sensitive Persons.
Did you know? Every empath is a highly, highly sensitive person.
And we suffer until we get skills that work to help us use your special empath gifts.Here are some ideas to help you decide which type of empath training to use when.Series Book One.
"Become The Most Important Person in the Room: Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment"250 pages in paperback.
Yes, this is the empath training book you're considering now!You might wish to start here.
This training for empaths is simple and practical, a very human approach to gaining empath basics and beyond.
You will learn all three parts of Empath Empowerment®:    Discovering which lifelong gifts you have.    Effortlessly turning OFF all your empath gifts.
You will even learn "Magic Picture," an amazing technique for turning your empath sensitivity ON at will.
Powerfully, strongly, safely.
That's called "Skilled Empath Merge." And it's the ultimate in reading people with deeper perception.My tip: Keep this book around after you read it the first time.
Each time you cycle through, you'll increase your skill level. What makes this book special? You'll find the easiest way in the world to become a skilled empath.
Just do one short chapter a day, and up to 10 minutes for homework.
After one month, voila! You're a skilled empath.
Series Book Two.
"The Empowered Empath: Quick & Easy: Owning, Embracing, and Managing Your Special Gifts"176 pages in paperback.
When you're ready to progress even more as an empath, go for either this book or Book Three.
Quick & Easy is about half the size of Book Three.
This one delivers the basics, covering exactly what you need to know most for depth skills as an empath. Basics about what to do when and how.
This is THE essential resource for empaths. Deep is the key word here.
This training deepens your understanding of what it really means to be an empath, why empaths suffer, and how to stop suffering because of misunderstood gifts. Many deep skills are taught, building up to the super-duper one, "Coming Home." (This is the most powerful technique I teach anywhere in the world for turning empath gifts OFF.) Results come effortlessly.
You develop a slightly different way of using awareness.
Awakening your sense of self, it becomes your usual habit to keep your empath gifts turned OFF unless you are purposely turning them ON. My tip: You could choose this book as your first one for learning Empath Empowerment®.
Most of my students prefer starting with "Become The Most Important Person in the Room" because that one emphasizes human life more.
But "The Empowered Empath" helps you to understand more about consciousness.
All of this is explained it a way that makes it easy to gain results. What makes this book special? "The Empowered Empath" is the first book anywhere to describe what happens during subconscious Split-Split-Second Empath Merge and Prolonged Empath Merge, offering highly effective techniques to end these subconscious habits.
Because these feel good at the time but are unskilled forms of empath merge that will always junk up your aura.
Find out why this happens, including the meaning of the unpleasant problem of "Imported STUFF." Hint: When people worry about energy vampires and psychic attack, coming from outside, this is usually a problem about Imported STUFF.
Empaths alone are responsible to stop causing that, unintentionally, for ourselves.Let this book teach you how to stop all unskilled empath merge, which will automatically protect you energetically.
Another important part of this self-help training is that you explore 15 different gifts that you might have as an empath. Please know this, my fellow empaths: You can gain ease and flow and empowerment as an empath -- far beyond what is known today by most empaths in the world.
Practical benefits follow for your relationships, for parenting, for work, for hobbies, for self-esteem.Series Book Three.
"The Empowered Empath: Owning, Embracing, and Managing Your Special Gifts" (Expanded Edition) 322 pages in paperback.
Just like Book Two, only this is the expanded edition! Choose this empath book if you like to understand what to do and also why to do it. What makes this book special? This is THE depth book for gaining Empath Empowerment skills.
Many of us empaths need to gain depth understanding along with depth skills.
That combo does something like scratch an itch we have had for as long as we can remember.
It isn't easy, being born as a highly, highly sensitive person.
But, with skills, your empathic nature will reward you big time. Series Book Four.
"The Master Empath: Turning on Your Empath Gifts At Will in Love, Business and Friendship (Includes Training in Skilled Empath Merge)"188 pages in paperback.
Take your empath skills further, while strengthening your sense of self even more.
"Skilled Empath Merge" allows you to purposely experience what it is like to be someone else -- directly, powerfully, clearly, safely.
 My tip: This is my only book for empaths that needs to follow another how-to in the series of Empath Empowerment(R) Books.
First read either "The Empowered Empath: Quick & Easy" or "The Empowered Empath: Owning, Embracing, and Managing Your Special Gifts." Because this book assumes you know the basics and are ready for the most advanced empath techniques imaginable.
(Yet, rest assured, the techniques in "The Master Empath" are safe and balanced and very well tested.
See the Rose Rosetree website for details about my international practice with energy spirituality healing and more.) What makes this book special? Leading-edge techniques prepare you to do research in person, from photos, from videos.
The sequence of instruction makes your learning easy and natural.
But let's be clear.
With these advanced empath skills you can become one of the first in the world to access this depth of inside information...
about anybody you choose.Let me help you to celebrate your empathic nature, nurturing your empathy until it becomes a powerful way to improve your life.
Don't ever fear being an empath is a curse.
With skills, you'll see.
Being an empath is such a blessing, a huge advantage that can help you to find your heart's desire and live it.

From the Back Cover

Got Pain? Unskilled empaths suffer from emotional pain that actually belongs to others. 
The suffering starts at birth and continues either until death or until becoming a Skilled Empath.
(Now there's a choice!)Empaths aren't rare freaks of nature.
One in 20 Americans is born as an empath.Which means what? Empaths have at least one gift for depth experience of others, whether physically, intellectually, emotionally, environmentally or spiritually.
Does that sound like you...
to you?Then know that empaths randomly pick up pain belonging to others.
This book explains why that happens and what to do about it -- how to turn your gifts OFF most of the time, plus amazing techniques to purposely turn your gifts ON.How long is required for you to become a Skilled Empath? Our 30-Day Plan takes just minutes each day.Learn the big secret most empaths don't know.Becoming skilled as an empath will wake you up from the inside.
So a side effect of this training is that you can become more vibrant, sexy, respected, maybe earn more money, definitely have way more fun.*********Rose Rosetree pioneered the system of Empath Empowerment.
Find FAQs, articles and community at the Rose Rosetree website.*********Rose Rosetree has more experience teaching empaths than anyone else alive.
In 2001 she published "Empowered by Empathy," the world's first self-help book for empaths.
Teaching internationally, Rose continued to refine her method of Empath Empowerment.
Eventually she developed the super-practical 30-Day Plan in this book.
What will your life be like as a Skilled Empath? Find out.

About the Author

Rose Rosetree is a leading coach for empaths and has developed the only trademarked system for empaths in America, Empath Empowerment®. 
Active in mind-body-spirit teaching since 1970, two of Rosetree's previous books have been selections of One Spirit Book Club.
Empowered by Empathy was Rosetrees first book for empaths in this emerging field.
This also was the first full-length book for empaths by any author.
Besides the English-language edition, authorized translations have been published in Spanish, Japanese, Russian and Turkish.
Become The Most Important Person in the Room expands upon this unique method for empaths, reflecting Rosetree s work with thousands of students and clients worldwide.
Supplementing this 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment, Rose Rosetree teaches workshops and helps individual clients with phone sessions, often including healing techniques, such as cutting cords of attachment.
She also provides mentoring for empaths by telephone and the Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality.
For details, see the Rose Rosetree website and blog.
This award-winning teacher has given over 1,000 media interviews, with her work praised in publications as diverse as The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The Los Angeles Times, and The Catholic Standard.
Rosetree's media credits include broadcasters as different as Diane Rehm of NPR, Steve Doocy of Fox News, and Steven Colbert of "The Colbert Report."The system you can learn in this book is completely different from approaches like strengthening boundaries, shielding, modifying behavior, avoiding toxic people, and other behavior-based attempts to protect empaths.
Her system is actually much easier, as well as more effective, than these approaches.
Empath Empowerment helps a person to wake up from the inside.
You can learn to use your consciousness to become more real to yourself, more vivid inwardly.
Find out how good you can feel as a Skilled Empath.


Self-Help,Personal Transformation

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Comment List (Total:16)

  •     This books is helpful for people who have discovered they are empaths or think they are but aren't quite sure.
  •     As I am writing this review, I am going through the process of becoming a skilled Empath as entailed in this book. I can tell you, through experience, the effects are literally changing my interactions with my co-workers and clientele. I am more appreciated, respected, paid attention to than I was previously. It's...just... amazing. If you are an Empath, know that this is REAL. Enjoy your life more and learn about your gifts and how to turn them off!!! You will be seeing yourself differently, how you ought to see yourself. You will gain a new level of self-respect for yourself, and love life all the more. You won't know what you are missing until you become skilled and experience a new greater sense of self unlike your wildest dreams. Yes, you Empaths out there, start to live!!!
  •     If you feel like a vacuume cleaner sucking up other people's emotions, pain or suffering, etc., all the time or sometimes. Or, If you are experiencing being way to open and a little bit too interested in other people rather than yourself, or a perpetual people pleaser and perhaps have difficulty drawing boundries and/or need help positioning your consciousness back within yourself, these simple daily lessons can help! They can help to turn it off and keep it off. Half way through the 30 days, and I feel stronger, lighter, happier and freer at work and home. Thanks Rose! I highly recommend her new book The New Strong too!
  •     I'd checked out Rosetree's other books before I decided to 'start at the beginning of it all'.So glad I did.
  •     good read
  •     This book does what it says. It teaches you how to go from an unskilled empath to a skilled empath. Keeping your gifts turned off DOES become effortless. It is extraordinary.
  •     This was a very interestig book. I liked it alot.
  •     Thank you
  •     Excellent
  •     Wonderful, guided, (usually) easy-to-follow steps for those of us struggling as highly sensitive empaths. Unfortunately, it is very poorly edited. I'm talking mistakes almost every single page. Very distracting from the content. I found as I followed the lessons every day that I was, in fact, getting much better. I would read each chapter first thing in the morning and follow the exercises throughout the day. Some mornings were harder than others but well worth the effort. Unfortunately, she lost me in the last few chapters. I found those few lessons really hard to understand. Maybe that says more about me than the author, but I'm not sure. Definitely buy this book if you are a struggling, sensitive empath.
  •     Great book. Very informative. A gentle way to look at empathic gifts and how to harness those gifts to improve your life. If you are an empath, you will identify.
  •     Super helpful for people that are sensitive and worry about their family/friends over themselves.
  •     About three months ago I read "Become the Most Important Person in the Room!" That book changed my life forever. There were so many helpful exercises that explained many of the things that were happening in my life and helped me to make the adjustments needed to be more whole and healthy. I continue to actively use several of the exercises each week.After years of searching for resources and exploring different things your book found me. I am extremely grateful for the work you do.
  •     If you believe you are an empath, this is the place to start.Empaths are those that can experience the consciousness of others (objects, nature, and astral included) as their own. In another words, you are left confused by slipping into the consciousnesses of others and picking up their garbage. It can leave you in quite a mess as it has for me.This book gives you an overview of how being an unskilled empath has affected your life.You get a list of which empath type(s) you may be, and how it may have been affecting you in your own unique way.Then you move on to strengthening your sense of self by focusing on the different levels of consciousness, one at a time, that we each as humans are righteously entitled to.Lastly, there are many techniques that enable you to prevent yourself from doing unskilled empath merges, or collecting garbage from others.This has been such an empowering book and my quality of life has been day and night. Very, very helpful.I highly recommend this being supplemented with the more thorough version of "The Empowered Empath," and a hands-on experience at a workshop for you curious seekers.
  •     Suddenly a strong feeling comes over you. You feel sad or angry or frantic, for no reason at all. Are you going crazy?Or are you picking up the feeling from someone else? One in 20 people, says author Rose Rosetree, are empaths; and most are not very skilled at it. If you recognize this experience, if you feel what is going on with other people whether you want to or not, you will be glad to have a book about getting control of this blessing-curse.Rosetree provides a 30 day program in which you can learn to direct your attention to your own experience, and disconnect from involuntary empathy. Once you know how to get free of the emotions and physical sensations of others, you can afford to turn your empathy back on - when and how you want to.Rosetree clearly knows what she is talking about. She is aware of the many varieties of empathy and will help you discover which kind is your gift. She writes with humor and lightness. If you follow her program for a month you may find, as I did, that you can turn this experience off and on at will.Some people will object to her humor. A friend of mine to whom I recommended the book did not like the flippancy, and she found that the techniques succeeded. More serious is Rosetree's primary metaphor, "becoming the most important person in the room." I know she uses this expression because for some empaths, everyone else's reality is more real than their own. But do we really need more people who think they are the most important person in the room, yet another Lord Narcissus or Lady Moi? I wish Rosetree had chosen another theme, and emphasized more the sheer joy of encountering The Other. (And she has done some of that with another of her books,Aura Reading Through All Your Senses: Celestial Perception Made Practical, 2nd Edition)No matter, though. If you or someone you know picks up every suffering and craziness in the environment, they should have this book. Rosetree's methods WORK.
  •     Has a down to earth humorous style, seems like helpful information though I admit I did not complete all the chapters

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