Taking a Shot (A Play-by-Play Novel)

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Press: Berkley; 1 edition (March 6, 2012)
Publication Date:2012-3
Author Name:Burton, Jaci


If you want to score, you have to get in the game... 
The last thing Jenna Riley needs is more sports in her life.
While her brothers are off being athletic superstars, she's stuck running the family's sports bar, whether she likes it or not.
Then in walks pro hockey stud Tyler Anderson.
As much as Jenna would like to go to the boards with him, she's vowed to never fall for a jock-even one as hot as Ty.Ty, intrigued by the beautiful bar owner, becomes a regular.
He senses that Jenna wants to do something more with her life.
And as he gains her trust, the passion between them grows, as does Ty's insistence that Jenna should start living for herself.
With his encouragement, Jenna starts to believe it, too...But first, Jenna has to figure out what she wants, what she needs, who she loves, and if she has the passion and pride to take a shot at having it all-including Ty...

About the Author

Jaci Burton is the New York Times bestselling author of  Changing the Game.


Romance,Sports,Literature & Fiction,Women's Fiction,Domestic Life,Erotica,Romantic

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Comment List (Total:13)

  •     Loved the whole play-by-play series.
  •     This was another sexy romance in the the Play-by-play series. The youngest Riley - Jenna - is running the family sports bar. She is in charge since her father's heart attack. Her brothers are busy with their new loves and their sports careers and Jenna is stuck. While she loves her family, she doesn't really love the bar. Too much sports and too many athletes for her. She is determined not to have a relationship with any guy into sports. It is hard to find a guy to date since she spends all of her time in a sports bar.Tyler Anderson is new in town. He plays pro hockey. He also gets under Jenna's skin. Even with her dislike of athletes, he has something. They have a powerful chemistry which Jenna tries to deny. However, they manage to hook up at her brother Mick's wedding. She thinks it will be just a one night stand to get her need for him out of her system but Ty isn't that eager to be gotten rid of.They enter into a relationship very tentatively. He doesn't have any faith in relationships and hasn't since his parents' acrimonious divorce when he was fourteen. She doesn't want a relationship with an athlete. But they do get to know each other outside of bed too and find that they are each fascinated by the other.Jenna shares a secret with him. She sings and writes songs but has never told her family. She has a dream of opening a second Riley's that focuses on music but feels she will disappoint her family by leaving the sports bar. Ty tries to encourage her to pursue her dreams but she is afraid of failure. Her fear of going for her dreams is the thing that causes the major tension in their relationship.This was a great romance and it was wonderful catching up with Mick and Tara, Liz and Gavin and the Riley parents. It is also great seeing Jenna work through her problems and decide to go for her dreams. It was very satisfying to see two strong, stubborn people decide that their relationship was worth the fight.This was another entertaining episode in a series that has very spicy intimate scenes and also strong romance. I recommend it to those romance readers who like their stories hot.
  •     I can't get often of this two people who hadn't want to fall in love but diud any ways love love this story
  •     I knew from the first 2 pages this was a great book and I'm so excited to get the full version. (I tried the sample first)
  •     In LOVE with this Series!!!!!
  •     SO STEAMY! I couldn't put this book down. It's a nice, entertaining book to read :)
  •     Loved it !!
  •     Book three of the Play by Play series is probably my least favorite so far. Other reviewers have complained that there is no conflict in this novel. There's very little conflict, I agree, but there doesn't have to be conflict to have a good story. This is more a story showing the evolution of a relationship, not a story of conflict destroying a relationship and having to bring it back together.All in all, it wasn't a bad story, I just felt like both characters made too big of a deal out of some little things (Jenna doesn't date athletes. Tyler thinks she will judge him for coming from a broken home with a dad who he thinks is a jerk - I kind of wanted more of a story about his dad being a jerk than we got).Good writing. Steamy scenes. Also, I listened to parts of it through audible and the narrator was once again wonderful.
  •     Great series of books so far I will continue to read everything Jaci Burton pens! Already onto book four in the series
  •     JENNA AND TY. MY BEAUTIFUL BABIES.This book just goes to show that the list that you have of the perfect guy you want won't be the one that steals your heart.
  •     The last thing Jenna wants in a man is an athlete. Then why can't she keep Ty away. Ty loves every side of Jenna and wants her to experience all her dreams.
  •     Jenna has been surrounded by sports and jocks her entire life (her older brothers are an NFL quarterback and an MLB first baseman). Add in the fact that she is stuck running her family's sports bar instead of pursuing her own dreams, and she has decided to rule out dating all jocks, forever. Unfortunately, her heart hasn't gotten the memo. And when she meets hot hockey player Tyler, she has to keep her growing feelings in check because she can tell this guy could be a game-changer for her.In the beginning, I really liked both these characters--especially Ty. He was great--he wasn't ruled by his ego and he could be strong without being a cave man. Plus, I like a man who knows what he wants and doesn't play games.But, for someone who was supposed to be a hard-ass who spoke her mind and "pushed back", Jenna was such a total wuss when it counted, that it pissed me off and my admiration for her took a nosedive.Truthfully, I didn't know what Ty saw in her--besides the sex. ENDLESS, REPETITIVE sex, just like all the other novels in this series. Seriously, I never thought I'd say this, but, enough with the sex, already!!How do these people have time to do anything else? How do these girls walk with straight legs? Also, some of the sex scenes could have been cut and pasted from the previous books in the series. When reading sex scenes, and these are decently written, they shouldn't become boring. But there were so many, and they were so similar...I found myself skimming a few.I would have liked more story, less sex.In addition, I was disappointed there wasn't better conflict between the characters. Jenna's issues were unrealistic given the dynamics of her family and her supposedly fierce personality. What conflict there was, was a constant rehashing of the same issue over and over: Jenna's fear. It didn't mesh with her character and it was boring.In any case, I don't really recommend this book, especially if you liked the second one (which I did). You will be disappointed.I may be done with this series.
  •     I really enjoyed this "Play by Play" series book as it was sweet though do remember there is some explicit sexual content included.

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