Salad for Dinner: Complete Meals for All Seasons

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Press: Rizzoli (March 27, 2012)
Publication Date:2012-3
Author Name:Kelley, Jeanne


A celebration of contrasts in color, flavor, and texture—an artfully prepared salad is one of the most appealing dishes to eat, engaging all the senses. 
It is a basic culinary fact but often overlooked: a salad packs the most flavor because the dressing coats every bite.
And with the right combination, a salad can be a full meal in itself. We all know it is healthier to eat more vegetables and whole grains.
But how do you do so on a daily basis? This book reframes the question: Why not make greens the foundation of the plate? Smart, imaginative ideas abound: kale with lemon, parmesan, and almonds; Indonesian chicken salad with pineapple slaw; and salmon with quinoa, sorrel, and yogurt.
There are super-hearty salads to satisfy even the biggest appetites, such as Korean barbecue beef salad; duck confit with fingerlings and frisee; and buttermilk fried chicken salad.
These recipes help us break out of the “meat-and-three” box, leading to a new way of thinking about dinner.

About the Author

Jeanne Kelley has written for Bon Appétit magazine for twenty years and is a frequent contributor to Cooking Light and Fine Cooking. 
Her articles have also appeared in the Los Angeles Times Magazine, Prevention, and
She is the author of Blue Eggs and Yellow Tomatoes.


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Comment List (Total:15)

  •     Christmas present for my sister. She loves it!
  •     I was very excited to receive this book but recipe after recipe it was just oil and vinegar dressing. Her variation was adding herbs to sour cream. I love creamy dressings, not vinaigrette dressings unless they are creamy.Here is an example of one dressing recipe:1 1/2 tbs walnut oil2 tsp mayo1 tsp white wine vinegar1/2 tsp Dijon1/4 tsp kosher saltSo that makes about 6 teaspoons of dressing. So she really doesn't like dressing on her salads either.After my initial shock, I went back through the book in hopes there was something I would like but no, nothing in there for me. These are light recipes that you want to serve to the ladies at your weekly luncheon, not for someone hungry who wants to have a filling salad for dinner.
  •     Great recipes for vegetarians and meat lovers alike. The author knows what she is doing.
  •     Love the variety of salads.
  •     Not too cutting edge nor too creative. If you cook and live in cosmopolitan city, you would have more exposure to creative, cutting edge salads and ingredients than this book has...
  •     Best book for the way we should eat. Great recipes following an inspiring narrative. Nice photos. This book should inspire the newest American diet
  •     This is a great book for interesting and unusual salads; good if you like trying out new recipes on dinner guests. I've liked everything I've tried from this book so far.
  •     Great recipes, beautiful format! This book would make a good gift.
  •     I feel qualified to write a review of this book now that I've made six different salads from it. They all were solid, and I will make them again, but a few were big winners (Indonesian Slaw with Pineapple, Chicken, and Spicy Peanut Dressing; Mexican Beach Ceviche with Avocado; and Chicken, Avocado, and Mango Salad). The dressings are delicious, and Ms. Kelley's methodologies for ingredient preparation are solid. The combinations are fantastic and have really gotten me out of my rut.I have one criticism of the book: I really wish nutrition information were provided for each recipe. I am a foodie who wants to enjoy life, but I also want to pursue a healthy lifestyle and manage my weight. I have enough sense to steer away from recipes like steak salad with blue cheese dressing, but it would still be nice to know how other recipes fit into my daily caloric intake without having to go through the laborious process of entering them into an online calorie calculator. I didn't take a star away from my rating of the book because I have this criticism of most cookbooks. Seldom do you find one that publishes full nutrition information.I would also like to let the reader know that these recipes take me about an hour to prep on average, and I am an advanced home cook. This is the amount of time I generally spend on dinner preparation. You can take some shortcuts like using grocery store rotisserie chicken, nuts that are already roasted, etc. But in any case, I think the effort is worth it to eat food that is so fresh, healthy and delicious.
  •     Bought for my sister. She wasn't thrilled about it!
  •     I never can think of anything but my old standbys but this book has been a huge help. None I've tried so far have been duds.
  •     yes
  •     I LOVE this cookbook! I was a little intimidated when I read how many of her own vegetables Jeanne grows, but while there are a lot of somewhat exotic ingredients included in the book, she gives clear advice on where to find them or how to make substitutions if they're not available. The book is broken up into four sections: Vegetarian, Fish & Seafood, Poultry, and Meat (I'm sure a gourmet chef would disagree with me, but I've found that even the non-vegetarian salads can be made vegetarian quite easily without a great sacrifice to taste).Along with countless salad recipes, the book also provides instructions on how to make a plethora of side items: dressings, breads, and sauces, along with salad elements (like roasted beets) required in the recipes.There is a handy list of salads that can be made a day (or more) ahead of time, if you want to plan for tomorrow's lunch, as well as a timeline for which items can be prepared one, two, or three days in advance to save yourself time when you're ready to throw it all together (she also provides clear instructions on how to pack a salad to preserve flavor and crispness). The book also contains a list of salads which can be made without lettuce, if you have difficulty procuring it or want to find one at quick glance, a wheel to identify what is most likely to be in season at a given time, and an incredibly detailed and inspiring index of different greens you might use in a salad. This cookbook is quickly becoming my favorite go-to for any occasion!There is no nutrition information provided for the recipes, so if that's important to you you'll need to estimate that yourself.The only thing I wish this book provided was a list or glossary with recipes sorted based on some of the more hard-to-find ingredients (if I'm traveling an hour out of my way to pick up a few ingredients, it would be great to be able to easily glance and see which different salads I might plan on making with them that week) - but that is nitpicking an excellent, usable cookbook!
  •     This has been a very helpful cook book to get myself out of my normal little box I operate in. I have been on a health kick trying to lose some weight and have made an effort to eat salad at least once a day. Working makes it tough to eat salad for lunch everyday so I have a lot of dinner salads. They usually end up very similar but now with this book I have found myself branching out more. Experimenting with new ingredients and trying lots of different things.I have found it helpful with planning ahead and preparing salad before and then just storing it. One thing I have picked up is storing salad in mason jars, it really works well. So I can batch make salad and then just store portions for later in the week. For someone that’s as busy as me it really helps. Losing weight hasn’t been easy but I have found more and more ways to work a healthy lifestyle in and batch preparing salad has made it a lot easier to adopt. I have a large cutting board to work on then I can easily prepare all the vegetables at once. I have been really liking chopped salads so I have been preparing those in bulk on the cutting board. I got a largemezzaluna knifelike they use at Chopt and this helps me chop up large amounts of salad in no time.This book is highly recommended by me, I have learned a ton about ingredients, dressings and picked up on many new things to add to my diet. Some of the stuff was a little over my head as a beginner but I learned a ton and have a lot I have taken away from the book which I think is the mark of a good read.
  •     Great recipes. Keeping us healthy.

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