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Press: Abdo Publishing Company (January 1, 2006)


A Swiss orphan is heartbroken when she must leave her beloved grandfather and their happy home in the mountains to go to school and to care for an invalid girl in the city.

From Publishers Weekly

This truncated retelling of orphan Heidi's simple life in the Swiss Alps and her sojourn in the big city seems almost as indebted to the Shirley Temple film as to Johanna Spyri's 1880 novel. 
Krupinski's (A New England Scrapbook) heroine mimics Temple, curls, button nose and all, though she lacks the actress's expressive smile and gestures.
Similarly blank-faced characters contrast with Krupinski's serene, lushly idealized landscape paintings: the people seem like wax dolls, but the glowing blankets of flowers make the Alps heaven on earth.
The text emphasizes the sensual joys of fresh goat's milk, fir trees "with their piney scent," Heidi's sweet-smelling bed in her grandfather's hay loft, etc., but that is its only demonstrable strength.
Both Heidi's relationship with her grandfather and the idealized subplot about wheelchair-bound Klara's learning to walk are woodenly described; little space is given to dialogue and even less to Heidi's emotions.
The plot, too, is severely condensed: "Many more good things happened after that day." The book succeeds as a portrayal of the joys of mountain life, but otherwise fails to do justice to Spyri's story of a girl's courage and persistence.
Ages 5-9.
Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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From School Library Journal

PreSchool-Grade 3. 
In telescoping Spyri's 300-page novel into a picture book, Krupinski puts Heidi in charge of telling her story.
The efficient first-person narrative is well served by crisply detailed watercolor illustrations depicting Grandfather's house, the Swiss mountainside, and the people and goats who live there.
The austere depictions of Heidi's detainment in the city in Klara's house contrast well with the lush mountain scenes.
Pages are awash in accurately rendered alpine flowers.
The children are winsome; Heidi resembles Shirley Temple.
Youngsters who crave the full emotional story will no doubt need to be led to original versions, such as that illustrated by Jessie Wilcox Smith (Morrow, 1996), but Krupinski has created a fine introduction.?Susan Hepler, Alexandria City Public Schools, VACopyright 1997 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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From Booklist

Ages 6^-9. 
With pretty illustrations of idyllic mountain scenes, Krupinski retells Spyri's classic story in picture-book form.
The bright, collage-style illustrations in gouache and colored pencil are stiff and decorative, and the shortened version telescopes the 300-page novel into a few pages, so that much of the emotional impact is lost ("Soon after I arrived, I grew homesick" ).
Why not let children wait a few years and enjoy Spyri's story, with or without the pictures? Hazel Rochman

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"The Puffin Classic series is the perfect way of reading the old and the new -- and loving both.' - Julia Eccleshare,  Lovereading4kids  'At three hours across three CDs, you get a whole lot of entertainment for your money.' - Michelle Stanistreet,  Sunday Express

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Language Notes

Text: English (translation) Original Language: German

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From the Publisher

6 1-hour cassettes

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From the Author

Johanna Spyri was born in 1827 in Hirzel, Switzerland. 
In 1852, she moved to Zürich, where she began to write stories about life in the country.
Heidi’s Years of Wandering and Learning, usually abbreviated as Heidi, is by far the most well known.
Published throughout the world, it has inspired more than twenty film or television productions, a musical drama, and a tourist area―Heidiland―in Switzerland.
Johanna Spyri died in 1901.Maja Dusíková was born in Piestany, Czechoslovakia, and now lives in Florence, Italy.
One of the most celebrated children’s book illustrators in Europe, she has a pet rabbit named Cici that runs under her table while she paints and doesn’t like carrots.

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From the Inside Flap

The story of Heidi was written over one hundred years ago, however, it is far from a period piece. 
In the Swiss Alps, where it is set, a hundred years is just the blink of an eye.
We see in her the daughter that every mother dreams of having and every little girl dreams of being.
Her presence makes us happy, and so her story has endured.
This deluxe Children?s Classic edition is produced with high-quality, leatherlike binding with gold stamping, full-color covers, colored endpapers with a book nameplate.
Some of the other titles in this series include: Anne of Green Gables, Black Beauty, King Arthur and His Knights, Little Women, and The Secret Garden.

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From the Back Cover

When Heidi, a cheerful 5-year-old orphan, comes to live with her grandfather in the Swiss Alps, she brings a bright ray of sunshine into the lives of the people around her. 
Young Peter, a goatherd, shares her love of nature, and his blind grandmother delights in the little girl's bubbling personality.
Even Heidi's surly and hermit-like grandfather, the old Alm-Uncle, finds his long-lost grandchild a source of immense pleasure.A few years later, when she is forced go to Frankfurt to serve as a companion for Klara, a well-to-do but sickly girl, Heidi must leave her beloved mountains and friends behind—an experience that proves highly traumatic to the innocent and sensitive little girl.
But her return home and a visit from Klara result in magical moments that will leave young readers thoroughly captivated by this heartwarming tale of an unforgettable child and her effect on the people around her.Complete and unabridged, this story "for children and those who love children" will thrill today's youngsters just as it has delighted generations of young readers and listeners since its original publication in 1881.

About the Author

She was born Johanna Heusser in Hirzel, Switzerland. 
Her father was a doctor and her mother was a poet.
She lived with her extended family: her grandmother, two aunties, and two cousins as well as her mother, father, two brothers and three sisters.
This large household inspired her when she wrote Gritli's Children.
She spent several summers around Chur in Graubünden when she was young.
This setting was later used in her novels.
Her only education was her village school in Hirzel.
She wrote poetry as a child.
She married Bernhard Spyri, an employee , when she was 25.
They met when they were children.
They lived in Zurich, Switzerland and had only one child, a son, Berhard Diethelm Spyri, in 1855.
In Zurich, they were friends with the musician Richard Wagner and poet Conrad Ferdinand Meyer.
Both her husband and son died of tuberculosis in 1884

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Comment List (Total:16)

  •     Love this collection!
  •     I got as far as the title page in this book where it listed the author (Johanna Spyri) and the translator, Elisabeth P. Stork. Heidi was originally translated into English by Charles Tritten (who later wrote 2 sequels - "Heidi Grows Up" and "Heidi's Children"). This is NOT the version of Heidi that I grew up with and NOT what I wanted. It is going back immediately and I've already ordered another copy, this time with the translation done by Tritten. A search on Amazon for "Heidi translated by Charles Tritten" turns up a listing for the book with the original translation.
  •     The cover of this book is absolutely stunning and is also the main reason why I purchased it. I love Rifle Paper Co. and everything Anna Bond designs. The story was actually really great, and I enjoyed reading it (as a 26 year-old female). I'm definitely looking forward to passing this book down to (hopefully) future daughters to enjoy.The only reason why it's not 5 stars is because there were two pages where the ink roller got messed up and smeared the ink across the page. I requested a replacement, which Amazon promptly ordered, and it seems to not have any issues like that (I haven't checked page by page yet). I order all 4 books in this design series and 2 out of 4 of them had this issue. It seems that whoever was in charge of the actual inside quality check did a poor job. Some of the page numbers in a couple of the other books are almost being cut off the edge of the page (poor placement).Other than that, the stories are classic and the outside covers are stunning. I definitely don't mind sitting these books on my shelf.
  •     Beautiful book. Exactly as described.
  •     Reviewing the unabridged original here. This is deservedly considered one of the very greatest works of children's literature.
  •     I bought this for my great granddaughter so she could read one of my favorite books from my childhood. I was disappointed to find it is about 1/4 of the original book.
  •     Beloved book from my childhood, enjoyed as much now in my "grandmama " days. The words paint pictures that live in my mind that are happy memories.
  •     This was purchased as a gift. The recipient loves the book as it reminds her of her childhood.
  •     Good product and good service.
  •     This review pertains to the Puffin in Bloom edition of Heidi, rather than to the literary merit of the book or translation (by Eileen Hall).The cover illustration is done by Anna Bond who may be better known for her lovely stationery collection, Rifle Paper Co. The cover is a vibrant yellow-green with the title in gold embossing over a floral-framed mountain scene. The back cover features a pull-out quote – "Heidi looked around with growing delight at the mountain peaks she knew so well and which seemed to greet her like old friends."The interior illustrations, taken from the 1956 edition of Heidi also published by Puffin, are charmingly vintage. There appears to be one illustration per chapter. The book is typeset in Minion and just the right size to be accessible to both children and adults.This edition also includes end notes with a profile of Johanna Spyri, information about Switzerland, and brief character and reading guides.This would make a special addition to any growing library.
  •     Loved the story I have always heard about and the format was great.
  •     Thanks
  •     I ordered this book for a computer challenged friend who wanted to give it to her great-granddaughters. She had fond memories of her own girlhood copy of "Heidi" which was a substantial hard-back book. This edition of "Heidi' was the only one available at Amazon.com that had the entire original text and was not abridged or adapted for younger children. In that respect, the book did live up to its promise. However, it was cheaply and shoddily made, the pages were thin and looked as if they had been printed on a computer, and it does not look as if it will hold up for more than one reading. In addition, there was a blemish on the cover of the book. She is very disappointed in the quality of the book and is hesitant to send it to the little girls -- whose mother will be reading the book to them and who will be aware of the book's physical imperfections. As to the seller, the book arrived well within the expected time frame and was well packaged.
  •     Beware, the beauty of literature is not in this edition! THIS REVIEW IS FOR THE PUFFIN IN BLOOM EDITION ONLY. Heidi is such an awesome story, the translation by Helen Dole reads so beautifully and engages the reader to follow closely along, to interact and enter into the adventure. This book has short sentences, as if to hand feed the reader so that they don't need to pay attention or engage. In other words- it's a dumbed-down translation!! Please don't deprive young readers of good literature! There is a place for simplified versions of books BUT that should be clear when purchasing that it isn't the original version and writing has been altered. This book changes the names of characters too. It is a travesty!! So, if all you want is a "pretty" cover - fine, but even the inside illustrations aren't good - it saddened me and I sent it back. Thank you, Amazon for ease of returns. Please be aware that Amazon sells different editions translated differently. Perhaps you'll find a new edition that is better than this one. I'm very happy with the used copy I found on Amazon with a copy write date of 1945. The illustrations are wonderful and the language is beautiful, and the names are not Americanized. The Puffin in Bloom edition has a character named Barbie.
  •     For those who might be wondering, the text of this "Penguin in Bloom" edition of Heidi is unabridged, from a 1956 translation by Eileen Hall with charming illustrations by Cecil Leslie. The only disappointing thing about the translation is that it Anglicizes many of the proper names, so if you are familiar with the story of Heidi, many of the names you are used to will not be exactly the same.As far as the physical book, the cover is lovely, but the pages themselves are made of lower-quality paper, like you would normally find in a cheap softcover.
  •     Heidi has been part of my life since I was a little girl and even now, I still love it! Great to read her and Peter's adventures again!

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