Weapons of Warre: The Armaments of the Mary Rose

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Press: The Mary Rose Trust; Slp Har/Dv edition (March 1, 2010)
Publication Date:2011-7
Author Name:Hildred, Alexzandra
Edition:Slp Har/Dv Edition


This volume is devoted to consideration of the ordnance, munitions and equipment for war - the raison d'être for the building of the Mary Rose. 
It begins with a full description of the guns, followed by discussion of the many objects that relate to their use: the shot, the gunpowder and the items needed for loading and firing, as well the experiments that have been carried out in the manufacture and use of specific gun types, carriages and other items.
This is followed by chapters dealing with other ordnance: incendiaries, hand guns, staff weapons and archery equipment.
The volume concludes with a drawing together of all the evidence to present a detailed consideration of the ship as a fighting unit and an indication of some of the major topics that still require research.

About the Author

Alexzandra Hildred is Curator of Ordnance at The Mary Rose Trust and a leading authority on Tudor ordnance and maritime archaeology.


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Comment List (Total:5)

  •     The set of books must be the most complete look in to the weapons on the "Mary Rose" and of the time.a must have for any library on Sea Armaments of the time.
  •     I two volume set of books covering all the weapons recovered on the Tudor ship the Mary Rose. Volume one covers all the firearms/cannons/etc and the second book covers hand to hand and simple missile weapons, etc.Doing research on historical English archery and these books were pretty much the meat and potatoes for my information. AMAZING books!
  •     I love this set! It is a cornucopia of information about the military hardware and tack aboard the Mary Rose. I highly recommend it for anyone who requires primary documentation on items such as archery hardware, cannons, and armour.
  •     I've been a reenactor for 30 years and interested in medieval history - especially historic archery since I was a kid in the 1950's. Very few bows and arrows have survived the centuries - the Mary Rose contained a very large number of survivals, plus other equipment such as one Ivory and quite a few leather bracers from several reigns as I recall. This is the best study available in general print. It's huge and worth every penny. These archaeological masterworks are generally put out in limited numbers and not reprinted. If such things interest you I'd buy it Now. I've spent close to a dozen years chasing some individual books down in about thirty countries, it may seem like a lot now, but very little in the future.I have two of the other large volumes on other aspects of the ship and her crew and a number of the more ordinary sized Mary Rose books and articles. They were very well done, as is this pair (in a nice slipcase).A member of the Society of Archer-Antiquaries with a substantial collection of books and articles on similar subjects.
  •     This is clearly the best source for details on MR's armament. It covers every aspect, not just arms but accessories as well. The illustrations are excellent, the charts and archeological statistics are very valuable and the narrative is well crafted and informative. This is a must for anyone interested in Tudor ships and arms and is an excellent resource for model makers, reinactors and historians. It details the amazing diversity of armaments, how they were recovered, conserved and how they were used.

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