Police Chief 101: Practical Advice for the Law Enforcement Leader

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Press: Charles C Thomas Pub Ltd (June 10, 2010)


Based on forty years of extensive experience, the author draws on current knowledge to provide a thorough overview of the highs and lows of the job. 
The book provides practical, common sense advice for doing the multitude of jobs the chief faces with effectiveness and efficiency.
It furnishes sound advice intended to help the chief retain his physical, emotional and ethical health while leading a professional law enforcement agency.
Chapter topics include advice on taking control of the police department and setting the agenda in place, emphasizing the extreme importance of role modeling the behavior that the chief expects of his people, the requirements for a productive relationship with the chief's top staff, exploring the multifaceted relationship a chief has with his employees, guidelines for managing relations with the various factions that make up the community, getting along with the boss, discipline and the role of the chief in this vital process, deciding on a course of action when things go wrong, the death of a police officer, officer-involved shootings, misconduct, and a good working relationship with the media.
Each chapter concludes with 'Points to Remember' that will be beneficial to the new police chief in order to avoid previous mistakes and build on the body of knowledge that constitutes professional law enforcement leadership.
This resource will be invaluable to all law enforcement professionals, policymakers, and police academics.


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