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Press: Full Moon Publishing (March 1, 2010)
Publication Date:2010-3
Author Name:Tooley, S.D.


For seventy years Sin Strip was the place to be in Chasen Heights, Illinois. 
It offered liquor, gambling, topless dancing, anything the heart desired.
It was an age of self-indulgence that began a decline in 1995.
But two weeks before the wrecking ball was to destroy one of the remaining landmark hotels, the police make a grisly discovery.
Not all of Chasen Heights' secrets were destroyed when Sin Strip was closed down.
The fifth book in the award-winning Sam Casey series, which combines mystery with an element of paranormal.
"Sam Casey has an advantage over other cops.
The dead speak to her,tell her secrets about their life and death.
But sometimes what she learns can get her killed."


Mystery, Thriller & Suspense,Mystery,Police Procedurals,Women Sleuths,Literature & Fiction,Literary

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Comment List (Total:15)

  •     Loved this book, I like a good, scary ghost story, without graffic sexual content. If I wanted porn, I would buy it. So this was a good choice for me.
  •     Once again Sam's special gift allows her to share secrets with the dead. These Sam Casey books have hints of Native American shamanism, hints of the sixth sense and intuition, but primarily they are well written, well plotted and well characterized mysteries. Mystery lovers who eschew the paranormal will still enjoy these books. What Lies Within is the fifth in the series. Sam is married now and has a son.
  •     the chase dagger series is great. Once i began reading the first one, i was hooked....this is my first series that i've read which included some shapeshifting. i wasn't sure i would care for it, but i sure did! You will like it too!
  •     I started out reading J. D. Tooley during the start of the first Sam Casey Mystery. Each book gets better and with more suspense throughout the book. In the beginning I felt I knew the ending - what a surprise.
  •     Have read them all and hope for more. An easy comfortable read with a small insite into American Indian Folklore and history
  •     Great book, easy reading. It's a book you start to read and can't put down, so intense from start to finish!
  •     the trials, tribulations, mistakes ,culture and history that Sam Casey and her family show the reader provide a great story..
  •     These are well-thought-out stories with good characterization and the reddest of red herrings. The author's descriptive powers are excellent, and I'm reading my way through the...
  •     Great story line. Hooked on Sam Casey. The author connects you to the character and pulls you in to the story
  •     Ok read
  •     i love reading SD Tooleys books! i grew up and still live in the same town she writes Chasen Heights about!
  •     Sam Casey is just plain fun. She is headstrong, passionate, and often over confident. All is well that ends well
  •     The latest installment of the Sam Casey mysteries brings back much needed humor as well as an intense and poignent mystery. Although no longer a police Seargent, Sam is front and center in this investigation as it should be and we begin to see some character development between Sam and none other than Police Chief Dennis Murphy. Like all of the books in this series, each new installment is part mystery, but also part epilogue to the previous book so here we find out what happens after the events from Echoes of the Grave.After their murderer, no suspect about it, jumps to her death from her hospital room, Seargents Jake and recently promoted Frank are assigned to four weeks of animal control for not properly securing the suspect. While chasing a stray cat into an abandoned hotel that's scheduled to be torn down in two weeks, Jake and Frank end up uncovering a mummified body walled into a 4th floor apartment. Jake immediately calls Sam who is in a bout of depression since Abby and Alex took their son Dillon to the reservation for a visit. He thinks the case will distract her and he finally believes his wife has some serious mojo after she found 23 bodies in unmarked graves. Sam comes to the hotel and has flashes of visions throughout the young girl's life but she doesn't recognize the woman.Chief Murphy, distracted by his run for mayor, advises that the investigation be put on the back burner, until it's discovered that the body is a woman he dated a long time ago and that it's found in what used to be his apartment. Sam is ecstatic that Murphy will finally get his just desserts until Murphy ends up hiring Sam to investigate who's trying to frame him. Although every bone in her body is screaming for her to leave Murphy hanging, her curiosity gets the best of her and she throws herself into tracking down the clues of what happened and ultimately a killer.I found this particular installment more entertaining than the previous. There were some hilarious moments with Sam and Murphy caught in a front page headline and photograph of Murphy handing Sam cash outside a seedy hotel room and an even more awkward moment when Murphy shows up on Sam's doorstep with suitcase in hand. The ribbing that Frank and Jake get as animal control officers is cute and there is also an equally entertaining side story with Jackie being stalked. The case itself is complicated but only mysterious because Murphy is constantly lying and avoiding details of what turns out to be painful events of his past. Sam makes some brave but incredibly stupid choices in this book that I found out of character for her, but it amped up the action and brings her and Jake a little bit closer. Although his actions are improving, Jake is still void in the emotions department and I'd really like to see development in that area. After five books, it's becoming downright annoying. We all know he's a good man who's had a rough past, but that's not Sam's fault and she shouldn't suffer because of it. If they could get beyond this barely married marriage, they would make a really great team, but for now, I could still take him or leave him which dampens my overall enjoyment of the series.
  •     The Sam Casey mystery series is amazing! Each book gets better and more intense. A must-read.
  •     I love this series. Read the 1rst book, and quickly bought the rest in the series.I hope the author is going to write more books in this series.

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