Malice in Metropolis

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Press: NaDaC Publishing (April 15, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-4
Author Name:Cruse, Lonnie


In the fourth Metropolis Mystery the criminals have turned the tables, chasing Dalton instead of the other way around. 
Can he and his family survive?


Mystery, Thriller & Suspense,Mystery,Police Procedurals,Literature & Fiction,Humor & Satire,Humorous

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  •     Another story with the characters we've come to love to read about.It's a shame this series came to an end. The other series by this author is worthwhile, too.
  •     Warning! If you don't want to stay up until the crack of dawn - don't start reading this homespun page turner at bedtime. I had an early appointment the next day and kept promising myself I would stop at the end of the chapter - but fueled by the non-stop action in Malice in Metropolis, my imagination wouldn't let me! I nodded off in two meetings the next day, but it was worth it! I heartily recommend this latest from Lonnie Cruse.
  •     Sheriff Dalton has kept Metropolis safe for a long time and has always been the hunter of the evil, now the tide is turned as the evil becomes the hunter of the Sheriff. Determined to take our Sheriff out, the hunter will stop at nothing, not even at harming Dalton's family or his deputies. Something has to be done, after all Sheriff Dalton already has his jaw wired up by one attack and his garage blown-up by another. But who is behind this and will he be able to find out before it is too late for himself or those he loves? The heat is on and is turned up even hotter when the Mayor and DA become targets as well. Is everyone who knows Dalton in danger? It would appear so. In this outstanding read we are led down many a mysterious trail in our search for the answer. One hint leads one way but ends up pointing to another as the one thought to be part of the crime ends up in a body bag, leaving Sheriff Dalton at another dead-end, with another dead body. Time is running out for all concerned and hurt or not our Sheriff must make some tough decisions to stop the killer before it is too late. Excellence is not a new word for the works of Lonnie Cruse and it is still the word that I will use in describing her work Malice in Metropolis. As always, and what I have come to expect from our author, this novel is packed full of mystery and adventure, and will not leave you wanting in that area, but true to form, you still will enjoy the homespun softness of Dalton, tough when he needs to be tough, yet always being sure to put his family, co-workers and town as far from danger as possible. I enjoy all the characters I have become acquainted with in previous books; I feel as if I am visiting old friends with each new novel that she produces. I hope she never stops. A true mystery read with characters that will spin their web around your heart and have you begging for more.Highly recommended, as always.Shirley JohnsonSenior ReviewerMidWest Book Review

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