A Marriage Made in Heaven, or, Too Tired for an Affair (Library Edition)

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Press: Blackstone Audio, Inc.; Unabridged edition (January 1, 2000)
Publication Date:2000-1
Author Name:Bombeck, Erma


[This is the Audiobook CD Library Edition in vinyl case.]  [Read by C.M. 
Hebert] ''I now pronounce you husband and wife.'' There are few phrases as sobering, with the possible exceptions of ''We have lift-off'' and ''This country is at war.'' Yet, as they have done for centuries, millions of courageous men and women continue to walk down the aisle every year, without so much as a job description.
Now, in her most autobiographical book, Erma Bombeck puts it all in loving and laughing perspective, as she looks back on her own forty-three-year-but-who's-counting marriage.

From Library Journal

This program, read by the author, is classic Bombeck. 
She begins with recollections about her wedding and continues through the marriage of one of her children.
She enlarges on various aspects of marriage with humor, sarcasm, and innuendo.
Ranging from struggling beginnings to changes wrought by the arrival (or non arrival) of children, Bombeck meanders through changes in residence, career moves, to the inevitable aging process, all the while successfully evoking the fitful essence of marriage.
She describes scenarios common to many couples, which will likely elicit "I know what you mean" from listeners.
Bombeck's narration is a definite plus.
She delivers the lines as only one who wrote them can, successfully providing the inflection, emphasis, and speed that best convey her meaning.
Recommended for general collections.- Joanna M.
Burkhardt, Univ.
of Rhode Island Coll.
of Continuing Education Lib., ProvidenceCopyright 1994 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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From Kirkus Reviews

Bombeck (When You Look Like Your Passport Photo, It's Time to Go Home, 1991, etc.) is in top form here, detonating snappy one- liners throughout this account of her 40-plus years of marriage. 
And there are some unusually serious moments as well: the death, at age 33, of a close friend--the first intimation for Bombeck and her husband that life is finite and for real; a late-life and much- wanted pregnancy that ended in miscarriage; the pathos of reversing roles as the author cared for her aging, ailing mother; Bombeck's breast cancer and mastectomy.
The author married Bill Bombeck in the 50's.
They had three children, and family life was both satisfying and something of a letdown: ``I hid my dreams in the back of my mind.
It was the only safe place in the house.'' The dreams were of writing, and a lecture in the 60's by Betty Friedan galvanized Bombeck to ask her local newspaper if she could write a column.
Syndication followed, then bestselling books, and, suddenly, the equilibrium of the Bombeck marriage shifted, as Bill, a teacher, held down the home front and Erma jetted off to talk shows, book tours, and speeches.
How did the couple survive such a shift? Bill, in his 50s, found something (marathon running) to excel at independent of his wife, while Erma found that ``when the applause died down....I had someone real to go home to.'' The trials of raising teenagers; of grown kids coming home to freeload in order to afford a fancy car; of offspring delaying marriage and childbearing into their 30's, much to the exasperation of prospective-Grandma Bombeck (``If it doesn't happen soon, my grandchild and I will be in diapers together'')--all are described with the author's trademark wit.
A few jokes misfire, a few phrases are repetitious.
Overall, though, this is as light as a feather--and could float to the top of the lists.
(First printing of 500,000) -- Copyright ©1993, Kirkus Associates, LP.
All rights reserved.

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''Like the column she's known for, this book is full of laughs but also explores serious subjects.'' --USA Today''Bombeck . 
is in top form here, detonating snappy one-liners throughout this account of her forty-plus years of marriage.'' --Kirkus Reviews''C.M.
Hérbert wisely reads the book without inflection, allowing the subtle humor to flow from the text.'' --Library Journal

About the Author

ERMA BOMBECK is primarily known for her syndicated humor columns which appeared for over twenty years in newspapers throughout the US, to the delight of millions of housewives and mothers from more than one generation. 
Her many bestsellers include Motherhood: The Second Oldest Profession and When You Look Like Your Passport Photo, It's Time to Go Home.
She died in 1996.

From AudioFile

One doesn't have to be a fan of Erma Bombeck to find something interesting and compelling in this audio. 
With all-knowing sarcasm and wit Bombeck serves up timeless tales of laughter and love which have defined couples since Adam and Eve.
Some of her observations will have you laughing out loud.
Bombeck's narration is truthful and real in a way no actor could improve on.
This is a wonderful text for audio presentation with stylish music added.
If your life is filled with kids, dogs, neighbors and a mate who needs to control the television remote, Bombeck explains it all to you.
(c)AudioFile, Portland, Maine

--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.


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Comment List (Total:16)

  •     Fun to read in small snippets.
  •     I have always enjoyed Erma Bombeck when she had a column, but the children were small and I never had much time to read. Had I gotten a book like this one, I could of breezed through raising children and marriage with much less guilt. It is one of the funniest (because it's so true) books I've ever read. I am now a collector of Erma Bombecks books. Chapters titled,; "How Much Happiness Can We Finance?" The book for me was filled with memories from the 50's and 60's, and how it used to be. I found myself laughing outloud and shaking my head at the humor, yet truthfulness, that Erma shares with her readers. I'm getting two more of her books for Christmas, and am getting several others on auction. If you need a laugh, kick out some of those endorphins that need to come out and lighten you up, don't miss Erma Bombeck's, "Marriage Made in Heaven or too Tired for an Affair." It's fantastic!
  •     The chronicle of Erma Bombeck's married life, this is a sweet, funny, and realistic view of timeless marriage.Ms. Bombeck starts on the wedding day, when she and husband Bill were married by a priest who spoke Latin with a Polish accent. She moves on to their children, their multiple homes, a saddening chapter about her tragic miscarriage, the chronicles of her morality arguments with her kids, and finally, her career.She spent years as a housewife. But Ms. Bombeck's now famous writing started in a local paper, and she warmly describes how emotionally supportive her husband was when her columns became well-known. Touring can't have helped their marriage much, but apparently they both didn't let it hurt it.She satirizes her own under-par household skills, the weird little quirks that come in with age, nd the glories of growing old together. She doesn't say anything about that last one, but it glows throughout the book.Bravo, Erma.
  •     Maybe her book is better, but I didn't care for Ms Bombeck's corny humor on the cassette tape.
  •     Erma is the best!
  •     Loved the chuckles & out loud laughs this book & Erma can give : )
  •     Love Erma!
  •     Was happy with the condition of this book considering it was purchased used. I would order used books from this site again and recommended it to friends and family.
  •     Yes it was a book club choice
  •     Ermas book makes light our precious life
  •     One of my favorite books
  •     Love Erma & love this book. A must read for all marrieds!!! Hilarious!
  •     In this, one of Bombeck's last books (published 1993), webegin to see the woman behind the witticisms and motherhoodone-liners. While this book lacks some of the wit and wisecracks of some of her earlier works (The Grass is Always Greener..., Family: The Ties that Bind...), we get a unique insight into the life of Erma. Sounding more like a memoir than comedy routine, the reader follows a young housewife through the early years of "husband reform," through three children, the empty nest, and a mid-life career that literally took her from ironing shirts to joking with Johnny Carson. A fitting tribute to anyone who wants to know about the woman behind the column and the people that helped her become the woman we laughed with for over 20 years. We'll miss you, Erma.
  •     I miss Erma. I really do. I miss her style of writing, her humor and her wit. She is probably the only writer from my childhood that I have read faithfully of. Her columns were the highlight of our day when it appeared in our newspapers. Reading this book is like going down memory lane. I remember some of her stuff, but not all of them. This one is a honest and true look at marriage.Marriage isn't happily ever after. We spend our lives changing our partners, resisting the changes that life throws our way, staying married through thin and fat, through children, through illness and career changes ~~ through death, death of a father and friend. It's a wonderful little book full of wisdom and insights. I love her chapter titles: A House Morally Divided Cannot Stand Each Other or Living on Love.She offers insights to her own life and marriage oftentimes, poking fun at herself and her family. She is never mean but instead she is inspiring. She makes you think even while laughing at some of the silly things we all do in our own lives. I have not been married as long as she has but already, I see some of the things she has pointed out such as trying to change your husband.If you're looking for a wonderful book to read ~~ don't miss this one. It's beautifully written and so poignant in some places. Erma writes about life because she has lived it. Her stories are still true today as they were fourteen years ago.5-11-06
  •     This book is full of wit and one liners from a woman who knows family. I myself only have a husband and no kids but her writing is still hilarious to me. It reminds me of things my own mother used to say in her own funny and sacastic way. When she talk about her husband and his "ways" of packing a suitcase or talking about the kids I laughed out loud while reading in bed and scared my husband. I sure do miss her and only wish she could have spent a little more time on earth to make us laugh. I bet God is having a ball with her in heaven.
  •     She is a great author. The book was in very good condition. It's a book I will want to keep.

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