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Press: Oasis Audio; Unabridged edition (June 15, 2007)


Nabeel Jabbour has excellent credentials: He's a native of Syria, a resident of Egypt for fifteen years, a possessor of advanced theological degrees, and the author of a book on Islamic fundamentalism in Egypt. 
In this lecture, Jabbour outlines the tenets of Islam, addressing the issues of compassion and understanding between faiths.
He attempts to answer the questions, "What do Muslim people believe?" "Is Islam evil?" and "Why is America a lightning rod for the anger of many Muslim fundamentalists?" Jabbour makes distinctions between the Muslim people and the Islamic sect of fanaticism.


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  •     Understanding Islamis an excellent overview of Islam. I have lived in the Middle East for many years, and have heard many messages and read many books. I have never heard so much and so complete information in one short tape.
  •     This is the same book as Many Faces of Islam. No, I'm not saying it contains much of the same information, it is actually the same book with a different title and jacket.Beyond this disappointment, there is very little substance here if you're looking to understand Islam better. The author fails to get into the heart of the religion. There's no explanation of the foundation and fundimental beliefs of Islam, rather, he placates the reader that we should not fear Islam. This is a post-9/11 book that tries to explain the difference between fundimentalism and fanaticism. If you want to actually learn more about Islam, this is not the place to start.

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