Nataraja: A New Collection of Electronic and World Music, from Yogini Shiva Rea

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Press: Sounds True, Incorporated (October 1, 2006)
Author Name:Rea, Shiva


This is an up tempo album to infuse your yoga practice with the energy of creation.


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  •     I liked this alot. I like everything Shiva Rea puts out so far. Her yoga video also are very good.
  •     This is a great CD to do a high energy yoga practice to. The songs are interestingly arranged so that the intensity builds up to a point and then begins to cool down towards relaxation at the end, perfect for a yoga class or your private practice.
  •     This music will take you to the other side; into the absolute. It's too bad it's not in MP3 format. What a loss.
  •     a must for meditation or deep sleep.
  •     "Since We Live Where Everything Is Music ~ Everything Is Dancing..." ~ Jalaluddin Al Din RumiAnother gem that Shiva Rea has compiled that never disappoints! These are the songs from her Yoga Trance Dance DVD, I also attended one of Shiva Rea's Trance Dances recently and all these songs were played ~ I swear I danced all night and I heard the drums from "Nataraja" in my sleep ~ when I finally did sleep, that is!This CD is a musical journey as well as a celebration for those who live their lives in yoga and dance. So enjoy the beauty my friends and dance!Bom Bom Shankara!
  •     interesting and great for yoga
  •     I really like this CD because it has drumming music. If you are a teacher, I would use this during a power yoga class. The music is beautiful and interesting to listen to.
  •     I like this cd but be aware it is not a yoga cd. It follows Shivas trance dance dvd which does the warm up and enters into dance mode with lots of drum and good dance vibe and tribal stuff. There is one song I do not like as it is pretty wierd and beyond description but the rest is really good music and I enyoy it. I like to dance but not with yoga. Pretty much one or the other with me but then I have never been to a real trance dance. Namaste friend.
  •     I love all the Shiva Rea CD's from beginning to end. I am a yoga instructor. So I use her CD's for my classes and for my practices. I like the electronica and all the instruments she incorporates. The CD's are very well balanced and perfect for Vinyasa/Power Flows.

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