Propliners of the World, Part 2: Water Bombers, Cargo and South American Operations

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Press: Flight Recorder Publications (January 4, 2012)
Publication Date:2012-1
Author Name:Manning, Gerry


Includes the water bombing Convair CV 580 and Lockheed P 2 Neptune through the cargo hauling Curtiss C 46, Douglas DC 4 and Russian built Antonov AN 12 to South America's enduring pleasure flight DC 3s and Antonov AN 32s. 
A nostalgic, photographic look at some of the great classic propeller driven aircraft as they operate around the world.

About the Author

Gerry Manning is a well-known English photographer who specializes in civil aviation. 
He is the author of several books and articles on the subject and travels widely in search of interesting aircraft and airlines around the world.


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  •     There are authors who research and write about aviation. Then there are those people whose passion for aircraft runs so deep that they actually live aviation. Stephen Piercey, the late young British aficionado of vintage airplanes, is one name that comes to mind. Another is Gerry Manning, a fellow Englishman who has traveled to dozens of countries on nearly every continent to photograph vintage aircraft, both those in museums and those that, decades after they were designed and built, still make a living for their owners, plying their trade in the skies. Gerry Manning's enthusiasm is contagious; this time around, he has served up a delicious compendium of beautiful photographs in two volumes from his extensive collection of slides he, himself, took. Although either volume could stand on its own, anyone purchasing one of these will end up hungering and hankering for the other. The second volume of Gerry Manning's two-part odyssey of propliner gems is divided into four sections, starting with water bombers, those vintage aircraft that still perform the most dangerous any aircraft can undertake in peacetime - fighting wild fires. This chapter opens with leviathan Martin Mars and ever-versatile Consolidated-Vultee PBY Catalina, before covering the Canadair CL-215, the first (and only Western) aircraft designed and built expressly for this purpose, along with its updated turboprop-powered offspring, the CL-415. Antother airplane, the Grumman S-2 Tracker, is also chronicled, along with an even older Doublas A-26 Invader and Consolidated Privateer. These planes are followed by converted airliners and military transports, the Douglas DC-4 and DC-6 (C-54 and C-118), along with the Lockheed P-2V Neptune (a Cold War antisubmarine aircraft), Convair CV440, and Lockheed C-130 Hercules and L-188 Elecra. The second part chronicles Soviet and Chinese-built aircraft, among them the Antonov An-2, Harbin &-10, Ilyushin Il-18, Antonov An-12 and An-28. "South American operations," familiar among fans of Stephen Piercey's work, showcases old airliners still earning a living on that rugged continent. The Douglas DC-3/C-47 predominates, but we also see the Douglas DC-6, Dornier Do.28 Skyservant, Convair 440, and Curtiss C-45 Commando, followed by now-classic turboprops in the form of the Fokker F-27 (and Fairchild F-227 equivalent), and Antonov An-32. Oh, and those wingless C-46s resting on old oil drums? Don't worry - they are not dead; they are only awaiting a rebuild (often out in the open) and a new lease on life. The fourth and final section celebrates those piston-engined and turboprop-powered aircraft still hauling cargo worldwide; the selection is diverse: Short SC-7 Skyvan, Boeing 377 Super Guppy, Lockheed L-1888 Electra, De Havilland Canada DHC-4 Caribou, Curtiss C-46, Douglas DC-6, Fairchild C-119, and Lockheed L-100 (the civil variant of the military Hercules). And as for that Convair T-29 no longer flying? It still earns its keep as the Aero Dogs restaurant! Gerry Manning introduces each section with a short-essay; each of the more than 170 glorious photographs is accompanied by a detailed description of the subject. The stories and pictures are sure to delight... not just love at first sight, but for years to come.
  •     The book includes a lot of good Pictures. But the text is also quite well written, allthough not very long.
  •     The subjects of this photo essay are wonderful.However, the photos are EXTREMELY under exposed. Very disappointing considering the potential of this series.

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