The Complete Guide to Diesel Marine Engines

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Press: Bristol Fashion Publications, Inc. (June 1, 2000)
Publication Date:2000-9
Author Name:Fleming, John


If you want to better understand the big iron toiling under the deck of you sportfish, pick up a copy of the Complete Guide To Diesel Marine Engines by John Fleming. 
The book takes you through the ins and outs of diesel power in terms even a landlubber could understand.
It explains the hows and whys of diesel engines, but there's also a chapter on the basics of trouble-shooting and another on selecting the right engine for your boat.
For the die-hard, there's even a chapter on the mathematics of diesels.
If you want a solid understanding of how a diesel operates, this is one hands-on guide to bring aboard.

About the Author

John Fleming has conducted a 60 year love affair with engines and never met one he did not like. 
There have been a few that were so exciting he remembers them like an old flame but they all serve a purpose and they are all a part of my memories.
The first engine he built was a 1948 model, 4.2 horsepower, Champion outboard engine.
He was 9 years old which made it monumental task.
To see and hold the parts his father had described was fascinating.
He held a United States Coast Guard, 500 ton masters ticket and has a total of more than 3,000 days at sea.
John has run boats of many types and varieties in 44 States and 3 countries: crossed the Okefenokee in an airboat and canoe, ran the Everglades from Flamingo Park to Chokloskee Island and from Whitewater Bay to the head of the Little Shark River.
For eight years he held a State of Florida Teachers Certificate to teach engine repair in the State.
John and his wife have run delivery charters across the Gulf of Mexico from Brownsville, Texas to Key West, Florida and up the Atlantic Seaboard as far as Barnegat Bay.
They have owned vessels which they have operated for dive charters, fishing charters and towing services.
He has written more than 3,500 articles for magazines and newspapers.


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  •     when you got to know this is the reference.
  •     As someone ignorant of marine diesels, I wanted a book that compared the various brands, and told of strong and weak points. I don't want to *design* an engine; I just want to know what I'd be getting into if I found a particular engine in a boat that I was interested in buying. This book isn't a guide as much as it's a theory book. I don't want to know about metal formulation of crankshaft journals, I want to know how difficult it is to replace them.Very disapointing book. Maybe I'll like it better if I ever become facinated with diesels. The author did seem to really know his material, though, maybe too well.
  •     For a decent hobby mechanic with a lot of experience with all types of gasoline engines but none with diesels this book was a goldmine of information for me. While it talks nothing of specific diesel engines, the theory of diesel engines, components and systems is explained in such clear, concise and easy to understand language that I couldn't put the book down. and that is a lot to be said for this type of book! The author doesn't let his extensive experience and understanding of theory get in the way of clear, concise explanations. This book is WONDERFUL!
  •     Excellent graphics and descriptions. Provided enough detail for the novice or the expert.

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