Winging It!: Jack Jefford, Pioneer Alaskan Aviator (Caribou Classics)

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Press: Alaska Northwest Books; 2 edition (June 1, 2011)
Publication Date:2011-6
Author Name:Jefford, Jack; Fisher, Carmen Jefford; Fisher, Mark


Jack Jefford saw his first plane in 1916 at the age of six and he was hooked. 
By 1937 he was flying planes in Nome, Alaska and in three short years he became the Chief Pilot of the FAA.
 He daily faced the dangers of Alaska’s skies, helped settle a frontier, and managed to survive long enough to share a lifetime of stories—delivering mail by plane, hunting coyotes, counting reindeer, transporting prisoners and congressmen, and rescuing the lost and injured, often at great risk to himself. 

About the Author

Mark Fisher is the founder of the Spring Integration project. 
Currently at VMware, he continues to lead the development of Spring Integration while exploring the intersection of big data and messaging.
He has been a committer on a number of Spring projects, including the Spring Framework itself and Spring AMQP, which he cofounded.
Mark speaks regularly at conferences and user groups about messaging, data, integration, and cloud computing.


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Comment List (Total:10)

  •     This is a classic. Jack speaks of his adventures in a way that makes you feel as if you are there. Fun and full of adventure. Great buy, could not put it down. Insight into the early days of the FAA. Highly recommend.
  •     For those looking to read a true story of early aviation and bush flying in Alaska this book is a must read. Well written and hard to put down, The author has accomplished more than most pilots would in several lifetimes.
  •     The stories about flying in Alaska are very interesting to read and would be a good present for any pilot.
  •     Would give it 5 stars. Very good book with my father in it.
  •     As a pilot I truly enjoyed reading about the authors career in Alaska aviation. I would highly recommend this book.
  •     Jack was one of the best in the flying business. A lifetime of helping others in dangerous storms and the odds stacked against him much of the time.
  •     A superb story about the life of a true aviator. Those of us among the aviation fraternity will be sure to enjoy this superb story of adventure aviation. A great tribute.
  •     A superbly compiled and told story of aviation experience through a generation of aviation that will never be repeated.
  •     Awesome book of tales from days that won't be seen again. My grandfather Randy Mulherin, also a CAA Chief Pilot, is mentioned on page 180/181 regarding the Boeing 247. That was a great thrill for me since eyewitness information from that long ago is often sparse. Carmen and Mark, thanks so much for capturing and publishing all of your dad's cherished moments. What a great tribute to him. Congratulations on the great book!!
  •     A great book about pioneering the Alaskan airspace.

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