The “Kamikaze” Experience of Midlife Crisis: Ways To Deal With The Exceedingly Difficult World Of MLC

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Press: iUniverse, Inc. (June 20, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-6
Author Name:Flash!
Edition:0th Edition


If you are in your thirties or older and have found your marriageor relationship to be in trouble, this may be due to a midlifetransition or crisis and you probably don't know where to turn orwho to ask for help. 
You might, if you are lucky, have startedcounselling, either jointly or on your own.
Your partner may notwish to participate, but you probably want to save yourrelationship if at all possible.If you are new to the concept of Midlife transition or crisis and arejust starting to experience the effects of it, your head may bespinning around so much at the moment that it is difficult to focuson anything, let alone read a lengthy book.
You may have somany thoughts rushing round your head that you feel in a totalmess.
Take your time, relax as much as you can and just read asmuch as you are willing to, when you want to.This book is here to help you, with strategies you can put intoimmediate practice.
The intention of this book is to provide youwith information that will allow you to regain control of your life.


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  •     This book would be very helpful for those of us embroiled in our spouses mid-life transition. I only wish this book had been available about 7 years ago. The author has hit on most if not all the issues a left behind spouse will have to deal with. His advice is excellant ... however following the advice has no gaurantees. This is primarily a self-help book on how to the weather the storm the significant other brings into our lives. The book is easy to read and the touches of humour are a wonderful addition. If you don't laugh at some of the antics of the MLC'er you'll get pulled down their toilet with them. A very enjoyable read indeed ...albeit in retrospect.
  •     For anyone who has done reading on Midlife Crisis, this book is a waste of time and money. The author is questionable - just a guy who was dumped by his wife after he had himself strayed from the marriage. He has decided that his wife left because she is having a midlife crisis. That may or may not be true. Maybe he was just a loser who didn't deserve her after what he did. We'll never know. He spends too much time talking about himself. To me it seems he's making excuses. He has done reading on MLC and feels free to basically plagarize (which he admits). You would do better going to a source which has actually researched MLC. Jim Conway's book Med in Midlife CrisisMen in Midlife Crisisis good. I think the website [...]. is interesting for the left behind spouse. Look around, there's stuff out there. I just wouldn't waste your time and money on this.

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