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Press: iUniverse, Inc. (June 5, 2006)
Publication Date:2006-6
Author Name:Caterino, James J.


Meet Troy Carter Brown, a man living a life of quiet desperation.One day, a mysterious woman from California shows up on his doorstep claiming to be a walk-in, the transmigrated soul of Amy Ellis, his long lost girlfriend who died in a tragic boating accident nearly twenty years ago.Is she merely playing him in some sort of an elaborate con game, or has the soul of Amy really returned to Troy in the form of this alluring stranger named Julie Saxton. 
Only in the end, as Troy and Julie end up on the run together fleeing for their lives from local gangsters, will the dramatic truth be revealed.


Mystery, Thriller & Suspense,Mystery,Hard-Boiled,Literature & Fiction,Erotica,Romantic,Contemporary

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  •     "All About Amy" is the ultimate femme fatale story.It is has great romance, it has action and suspense and great villains. It has paranormal spookiness. It is a road novel about two characters we come to care about. And it is a great romantic adventure story that never fails to deliver.Also recommended: Little Girl Lost by Richard Aleas, Guilty Pleasures by Laura K Hamilton, I Did by Cara Lockwood
  •     Overall: outstanding. That's just the word to describe this phenomenal author. James J. Caterino is outstanding in each and every way. I have never come across an author with such talent as he. His writing style is refreshing and unique, and his story-telling ability is simply enthralling. Having read several of his books, I have found they are among the hardest books to put down once you start. The plot line for "All About Amy" is incredible! Caterino writes in such a way that you feel you are among the characters themselves. They live in me in a way that no other characters ever have (which should say a lot because I am a very avid reader). The character development is spot on, you only learn about them what the author wants you to know, when the author wants you to know it. These do not feel like characters, but instead real-life people. As the book progresses so does the mystery of the past, as well as a thrilling ride in what is going on in the present. "All About Amy" is the definition of riveting.One of the best things about this book is that, I feel, it can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. I (at 18) enjoyed it thoroughly... and my mother (at 42) was incredibly impressed by the sections I read to her. As an author myself, I am yet to come across such an inspiring book. With every sentence, every paragraph, every chapter came more and more inspiration and motivation for me to write. As I tore through this fast-paced thriller, the more and more I thought "I wish I could write like him... where does he come up with this?... what a brilliant way to phrase such things..." James Caterino is a role model for exceptional writing, and all aspiring authors, as well as established authors, and avid readers alike! I admire Caterino's mad skills and ability to show and not tell, as it is probably the most cliched advice in the writing business; yet, most authors fail to properly execute this useful adage.I cannot recommend this book, or this author, enough. Everyone, and I truly mean everyone who is addicted to books, needs to get addicted to Caterino's extraordinary writing! It is an honor just to read it.

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