A Woman's Guide to Living Alone: 10 Ways to Survive Grief and Be Happy

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Press: Taylor Trade Publishing; First Edition edition (April 1, 2001)
Publication Date:2001-4
Author Name:Stone, Pamela


A Woman's Guide to Living Alone offers practical advice and personal stories to help women successfully ease into a new and full lifestyle after the termination of a marriage, the end of a relationship, or the loss of a loved one.


Self-Help,Mid-Life,Death & Grief,Grief & Bereavement,Relationships,Love & Loss

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  •     Author Pamela Stone cleverly has identified a huge and defined population which traditionally has been invisible: Middle-aged women who have been forced to build new lives alone as a result of widowhood or divorce.The book is well-conceived, well-organized and well-researched, chock full of statistical detail. To reinforce the points she is making, Stone interviews experts such as psychologists, as well as famous people who are conspicuous in their singleness, like comedienne (and widow)Joan Rivers.The author illustrates these points with anecdotal reports. The lively writing and the constructive suggestions make A WOMAN'S GUIDE TO LIVING ALONE nothing less than a primer for millions of women who find themselves single again in mid-life.
  •     This is a well-written book with testimonials, trials and successes of those who have entered "living alone". The successes of redeveloping our lives gives courage and comfort.
  •     This is a wonderful book. Whether you are divorced, widowed, or simply living as an independent woman, this book is very sensitive to women who are dealing with feelings of vulnerability and loneliness. The author has addressed a subject matter that deals with very scary and overwhelming issues, yet she has presented it in a manner that is very accessible and enjoyable to read. The real-life stories she tells of these women and their lives are incredibly moving and personal. She also has great quotes from celebrities and politicians that give empowering advice about taking control and managing your life as an independent woman. Not only is the book filled with excellent advice and tips, but the stories she weaves in are beautifully and tenderly written, and make the book hard to put down. All women who read this book will feel comforted and less fearful when dealing with delicate issues in their lives, or when faced with the unexpected.
  •     The section that I like best in this book is the interview with Ann Richards. The other anecdotes and advice I found to be superficial, glib, and trite.
  •     Pamela Stone has skillfully woven the stories of women rebuilding their lives into a pattern for anyone.
  •     Very happy with my order. Would order from this seller again. Thank you.
  •     This is a book that shows women how to solve the problems we face when we live alone. I recommend it for any woman who is divorced, widowed, raising kids by herself, looking for a...
  •     A user-friendly book spiced up with quotations and real-life profiles, this handy guide for women on surviving the grief of both divorce and widowhood fills a real need.
  •     I read this book without stopping once to put it down. Ten steps, ten stages to create a happy, balanced, and productive life is not someone's set formula, rather this woman's guide suggests many paths a woman can take after finding herself living alone. It leaves you with a sense of confidence in the power of the will to find happiness again after a complete lifestyle change in midstream. I was deeply touched by the stories of the women who faced one crisis after another in meeting life alone and who set an intention so clear that they put together a finer life, step by step.I met Pam by chance last week in Dallas and discovered how many hundreds of women she interviewed before writing this book. Her advice is sound; it is not filled with textbook theory. It comes from the actual experiences of women in all walks of life. Her voice is compassionate, yet strengthening rather than weakening through the kind of sympathy that encourages self-pity.This woman's guide to living alone is empowering, yet it does not pretend for a minute that it is easy to adjust to a single life after years of living with a partner. What it does is give the reader many practical steps to move from grief or resentment or anger to a positive approach to the future. The steps include how to let go of the past, to start over from scratch, to create an income, to handle parenting alone, and whether to date again. She includes interviews with women from 42 to 78 on ways they found to feel like themselves again and enjoy life.Whether you are adjusting to living alone or not, regardless of what kind of crisis you are going through, this book may be very helpful; it leaves you with a sense of confidence and shared victory with the women interviewed. Pam demonstrates through true stories that anyone under virtually any circumstances can create a balanced and happier life!This book is healing to the psyche. I think it could add another dimension of practical value in healing for some of those who are reading my book "Healing Yourself with Light: How to Connect with the Angelic Healers."The last chapter is filled with stories of well known women whose struggle has been just as intense as the rest of the large population of women who find themselves suddenly living alone. These women made the adjustments required and found new friends; many acted upon a new purpose that was both fulfilling to themselves and useful in the world around them.
  •     This is the BEST book for living alone that I have ever read. Moreover, I have found it to be an OUTSTANDING BOOK and below are the reasons that I think this:1) GRIEF - The first part of this book covers how to get through the grief of a spouse due to death or divorce. This section gives helpful tips on how to deal with this and also real stories of people who went through this and got through the grief.Also in this section, the author explains how long it will take to get over the grief and what to expect during the grieving process.2) Chapter 4 - My favorite one of all! This one covers whether to relocate or stay put in the same location. This advise I shall remember ALWAYS, it said before making any life changing decisions, think about the decisions rationally and with your HEAD not your HEART. The author goes on to explain that MOVING/RELOCATION is very stressful and more so for a woman over 60. This chapter ALONE is a very great reason to buy this book.3) This book covers so many things that a suddenly single person needs to know. It is well written and has true mini stories of people who found themselves single and made it through and went on with their life.4) Table of Contents - I found the chapter that I wanted to read, clicked on it and it took me right to the beginning of the chapter.5) Great Bibliography with references to other helpful booksIf you have lost your spouse to death or divorce or gone through a breakup with your lover, then this is the book that I suggest to you. It is almost like having a LIFE COACH or GREAT FRIEND right there advising you.
  •     I needed any help "out there" to help me to survive my shock of becoming a "widow". Only a small number of pages addressed my grief on becoming a "widow".

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