Scotch on the Rocks

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Press: Time Travelers LLC (September 1, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-9
Author Name:Van Horne, Hollie J


Scotch on the Rocks  by  Hollie Van Horne  The author who brought you the paranormal murder mystery Speak of  the Dead introduces a new psychic fiction mystery series!  Welcome to Byron's Purgatory Bar and Grill where  the atmosphere is Heavenly, the drinks as cold as the  cases solved, and the hot bartender willing to listen  eternally to your whole life story...even if that means he  has to solve your personal problems...personally. 
Case #1 Legendary film star Jeremy Robarts is dead...and he doesn't like it one bit.
Once a famous Hollywood film icon acquitted for the ugly murder of his fiancé-a young starlet named Laura Weston-Jeremy hasn't been able to shake the cold case crime from his personal history and ascend to a higher level.
Bartender Byron, a sexy "spiritual counselor" with the word ANGEL tattooed on his bulging bicep, offers a sympathetic ear to lost souls when they visit his bar and grill.
But Jeremy's unsolved mystery is a hard one to solve because it was committed in 1940.
To solve Jeremy's case, Byron has to play detective and needs an earthly, present-day "Dr.
Watson" to help him.
He's had his eye on a voluptuous, drop-dead, gorgeous, psychic/medium named Courtney Wells and interrupts her pricey "readings" until she finally agrees to help him solve Jeremy's perplexing crime.
Courtney aids Byron's sleuthing by digging into the L.A.P.D.
files and courtroom records from the past, but it isn't until both of them time travel, in human form, to L.A.
circa 1940 that they're able to piece together the puzzle.
Byron finds that being human isn't as easy as it seems when their lives are on the line.
Can Courtney convince him that some fleshly experiences are worth the risk? A psychic fiction detective pair like no other you have ever met.
And they're just getting started.


Romance,Time Travel,Mystery, Thriller & Suspense,Mystery,Supernatural,Paranormal

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  •     Scotch On The Rocks was different than the other time travel books in that the Bartender is also a P.I. The writing is entertaining and I chuckled a few times over the conversations.The plot is so interesting that you get drawn into the 40ish atmosphere of a Bogart type set. The main characters, are wonderful and I look forward to more in this series.I highly recommend it for a most enjoyable read.

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