The Brickhouse Band: How an Ordinary Mid-Life Couple Created a Business Phenomenon

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Press: Outskirts Press (December 14, 2009)
Author Name:Witt, Lee


You Can Accomplish Anything and Here's the Proof!This is the story of a middle-aged couple who made a decision. 
While busy in full time careers unrelated to music and having almost no experience, they set out to create the most fun, entertaining and successful corporate and casino cover band on the west coast.Then… they did it!In a tremendously competitive environment and against all odds, they succeeded while continuing to work in their chosen full-time professions.
Everyone said they couldn’t do it.
Everyone said they were crazy to even try.
And you know what? They were.
They were completely crazy, unreasonable and unrelenting in pursuing their dream – and that made all the difference! In this book you’ll learn exactly how they succeeded.
You’ll also learn why so many business books miss the mark in what it takes to be victorious in your chosen market.
In addition, you’ll find out why so many leadership books fail to get underneath real human motivation.
Finally, you’ll gain an understanding of what it takes to create a true business phenomenon – and how talent, financial backing, and experience are completely overrated.
By applying the BrickHouse “Always Advance” Performance Methodology, you can save massive amounts of time, overcome adversity, succeed against the odds, and stand victoriously on the stage of your wildest dreams.
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  •     Lee Witt is an amazing man. At a time in life where he could rest on his laurels. He is pushing the envelope of life. Without question Brick House Band is the Pacific Northwest's premiere show band. It is not enough that he works out and looks like a Greek God. It is not enough that he holds a full time job. In addition to it all he heads The Brick House Band, promotes, advertises and has the most prosperous show band where the competition is struggling. This book documents and tell us how he does it. He tells us how we can do it too. His books are more than believing in yourself, but motivates us to get our ass in gear and stop bitching.I cannot recommend these books high enough. You owe it to yourself to check them out. What are you waiting for?
  •     Any small business owner knows that it takes something special to succeed. As to what that something special is and how to cultivate it, that is a mystery. But no more! This book demystifies the everyday actions that lead to a successful endeavor. The passion the author displays is infectous and the advice includes examples that are easy to follow and incorporate in everyday life. Some truths hit home so well that I had to set the book aside and re-examine myself and re-evaulate my goals. This type of introspection is exactly what was needed, and I know any book that assists in the process is better than a good therapist! If you find yourself putting the book down, spend some time figuring out what you are reacting to and go back to it later. The author's experience and sharing of overcoming obstacles are surprisingly parallel to my experiences, even though our businesses are quite different. A valuable book to be sure!
  •     As of today, if you were to search for books under the "self-help" section on, you'd find 105,275 results. Does the term "needled in a haystack" come to mind? It did for me and I'm glad I added this book to my library. Save yourself the trouble and add this book to your top-ten list. It's in my top-five.First, I need to sound off about some of the book reviews I've read. This book has--including my review--four, five-star reviews. So I'm not referencing this book per se when I make this comment. But honestly, though, I'm tired of reviews claiming, "nothing new here," or "recycled information," or comments of the like. The fact is that--much like diet and exercise--there are no shortcuts (there will never be shortcuts) and improving yourself takes a lot of work. This book is among the best of its kind, but to benefit from its contents, you'll need to do the work. If you're looking for shortcuts, your search will continue and continue and continue.This book puts a unique spin on self-help. What's really cool about this book, is that it's based off of actual events that are easy to understand. In fact, the author is a self-proclaimed "ordinary" person. The book is written by someone to whom we can all relate. He has achieved extraordinary results based on his own real-world philosophies.Something else I really like about this book is that it highlights the need to be creative. It also covers many topics that are needed for success, including: emotional intelligence, meditation, physical and mental health, leadership and happiness. Also included is a lesson on "living in the now," which is so incredibly important; some nice examples help to define what this often elusive concept should look and feel like.Lastly, this book also contains many catchphrases--and accompanying lessons--that have already crept up on me in my life and in my quest for self-improvement; the author's Always Advance methodology and advice on how to compete is not to be missed.
  •     It is far to easy to sit back and let life carry us into old age without creating the life we really wanted to have. Both of Lee's books are not complicated and give simple and yet pointed suggestions for making dreams happen without anymore excuses. Thanks Lee for helping me realize life doesn't end at 40 or 50.

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