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Press: Eloquent Books (February 7, 2009)
Publication Date:2009-2
Author Name:Schweitzer, S. Alan


Fate, in the form of a mysterious bracelet, brings Ray Willis face to face with a past life. 
Its origins are unknown to Ray, but the bracelet renders the power to bridge time and space bringing him to an amazing partnership with his former life as Jason Schindler.
Ray and his alter ego are not the only ones to know of the mysterious properties the bracelet.
The Brotherhood seeks out its power also, and the knowledge of all who have come to it - transferred inter-dimensionally through parallel worlds.
Who, or what, is the source of this amazing power? What controls Ray's destiny in a cosmic quest for control and power? S.
Alan Schweitzer resides in Avon, Ohio with his wife, Barbara, of 34 years.
They have one son, Matthew, who lives in Columbus.
Schweitzer loves to read science fiction and play the piano.
One day he hopes to play Scriabin, Debussy, and Arnold Bax fluently.


Romance,Time Travel,Action & Adventure,Science Fiction & Fantasy,Fantasy,Romantic

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  •     Reviewed From Readers Favorite!Ray Willis was orphaned as a child. He was raised by his Uncle Frank. As the older man lay in the hospital dying he told Ray about his expedition to Peru. He told Ray he had entrusted a bracelet to a colleague, Andy Horvath. He urged Ray to go to Andy Horvath and retrieve the bracelet. Then Frank slipped what looked like a needle to Ray. It was actually a key that would not only unlock the "bracelet's enigma" but a frightening journey that Ray never intended to take.The Bracelet by S. Alan Schweitzer has great potential. The plot is exciting, thrilling, frightening and unique. This tale is one of great intellect with challenging and controversial ideas and scenes. The author has combined conspiracy, betrayal, time travel, aliens, good versus evil and a touch of romance. This book has it all. So why did I give it a 4 instead of a 5? This book needs a good professional editor. I found the editing mistakes to be distracting. At times the wording was clumsy. Often quotation marks were wrong. The plot is fantastic but does not always flow smoothly. The wrong name was used a few times. All of these are reasons to hire a good editor/proofreader. This is not a fast read. There are 298 pages which is not a daunting size but the plot is so intelligently written that I took it slow to absorb the facts.I've purposely kept the summary short. I don't want to give too much of the plot away. This is a great read. I encourage fans of science fiction to pick up a copy. I savored this book. Despite my complaints about the editing this is a must read. I will be watching for more books by S. Alan Schweitzer.

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