Spider-Man: Inside the World of Your Friendly Neighborhood Hero

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Press: DK Children (April 30, 2012)
Publication Date:2012-4
Author Name:Manning, Matthew K.


The ultimate web-slinger is back in this exciting and informative ultimate guide. 
Spider-Man: Inside the World of your Friendly Neighborhood Hero traces Spider-Man's entire career from his high-school beginnings as Peter Parker to his love affair with the enchanting Mary Jane.
With foreword by Stan Lee and full details of Spidey's powers granted from the bite of an irradiated spider, as well as significant adventures, battles, loves, allies, and enemies, this all-inclusive book has a strong focus on storylines and conflicts within Spider-Man's world.
Come to find out how your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man came to be created in 1962 and how the character has developed over the years.
Full of interesting facts and dynamic comic book art, Spider-Man: Inside the World of your Friendly Neighborhood Hero is the tell-all to the famous Amazing Spider-Man.
TM & © 2012 Marvel & Subs.


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Comment List (Total:17)

  •     It's hard to believe that Spider-Man is 50 years old. And, after reading this history of the web-slinger, I was entralled to learn of his skills, strengths and weaknesses, allies and enemies, and, believe it or not, his crazy romances. This is a must read for all comic book readers, Marvel or no Marvel.
  •     My son took this book about as soon as I got it out of the wrapper and went through this edition cover to cover. He didn't read everything the first go round - I don't know if anyone could with all that information included - but was enjoying the beautiful art on every page and would read the bits that instantly caught his attention. It is jam packed with details, scoop and background story so he has a lot of reading ahead of him, but will be happy to do it and that's a beautiful thing! it's a wonderful addition to any Spiderman collection.
  •     i was and still am a huge spider-man fan watched all the shows and movies, hes one of my favorite Marvel Superheroes.love that they tell you the most updated information about him. i would recommend this book to any spider-man fan
  •     My 5 year old insisted on getting this book. I've learne more about Spiderman that I ever knew was available. I feel like his part of the family now! LOL. I've also bought this book several more times for birthday gifts of my 4 & 5 year old's friends . . . I'm sure their big brother's and dad's are "borrowing" the book . . . or at least have fun reading it to the younger kiddos!
  •     This book is the ultimate encylopedia wiki for spidy
  •     Awesome
  •     Arrived in condition as promised
  •     A fun and entertaining read on the web Salinger himself. Awesome artwork and fun reading make this very enjoyable to read and look at for anyone!
  •     Great book for any Spider-Man fan, especially those who want to learn as much as they can about the character without going through 50+ years of comic books.
  •     This was a present for a friend and he loved it.
  •     Thang I didn't know about spiderman,if you like comics and do really collect,something good to have!
  •     Awesome book, my son loves it
  •     Here’s another great book to introduce your child to a great super-hero this time from the Marvel Universe – Spider-Man. With the latest movie out in theaters, your child might want to read about this friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man in order to learn more about him. This book will allow your child to swing in company of Spider-Man in order to discover the key issues of the comics, the friends and family, the villains he combat all the time, the changes through the years since his creation as well as stunning images included in the book.You will learn more about his alliances as well as the new events surrounding the stories in the comics. The book is catchy and will inform your child about all that he can know about Spider-Man and the man behind the mask: Peter Parker. A timeline is also included in the book as well as highlights for every ten years since the first appearance of Spider-Man in the comics.Bottom line, this is a great book for any child who loves Spider-Man. A perfect reading material for the summer months that are coming!
  •     Note: Despite the change in title, this Spider-Man Guide is effectively the third revision of the DK "Spider-Man: The Ultimate Guide". The first edition was published in 2001, written by Tom DeFalco. Matthew K. Manning updated the text for the 2007 "Spider-Man: The Ultimate Guide (Updated Edition)", and with this 2012 book Matthew receives the headline credit.A significant portion of the content is retained, however there's also a lot of new and updated material. There are new sections covering the events of "Civil War", "The Other", "One More Day", "Brand New Day" and everything else which has happened in the five years since 2007. There's also new sections that describe in detail the plot lines of some classic issues. Plus, there's a handy "Spider-Man Timeline" which helps set things in context.To make space for that extra content, 16 pages have been added. Also, some of the character profiles from the earlier editions have been cut back from full-page entries to quick paragraphs in an "Other Villains" section.Note also that the book has been entirely re-typeset. Earlier editions featured simple white pages with clean margins. This latest edition is bleed-to-the-edge colour, with much of the text now white font on black pages. Other entries feature black font on color, or black font on white, or often a mixture. The result is perhaps a little less readable than earlier editions. But hey, that's the modern style.Overall, this is a brilliant update. If a young teen in your family has just taken up an interest in Spider-Man comics, then this is perfect way to get them up-to-speed with the latest happenings, and also with the wider history of an iconic character. Top-recommendation.(Content adapted with permission from a review on [...]).
  •     Not sure what I was thinking while deciding to purchase this hard cover. See, I was an avid spider–fan back in the sixties who recently began acquiring trade paperbacks for one last end–to–end journey back into the “Spider–Verse”.But as informative as this DK release is, and it is much more colorfully impressive than the “Look inside” option reflects, it’s kind of counter productive for me to be reading it as I’m reading the individual issues. Such are the joys of retirement, though I am much more at peace ever since I was diagnosed with CRS* last year.So before I forget what my whole point was, let me just say that if you are in the market for a really nice overview of Spider–Man all the way from “Ow! A spider just bit me!!” up to the “New” Miles Morales, this Ultimate Guide shouldn’t disappoint!(*Can’t Remember Sh!t)
  •     great book about the spider-man universe
  •     enjoyed so much...great read...nothing to compare it to except from the library where I used to get it most of the time,,so I am enjoying it.

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